Fedora Community Remix 12.1

We would like to announce Fedora Community Remix 12.1 (2010-01-14)

* 100% Fedora compatible (based on Fedora 12)
* multimedia support out of the box (mp3 playback)
* KDE + GNOME desktops
* Open Office 3.1
* Evolution with native Exchange support (mapi)
* Compiz Fusion compositing window manager
* better hardware compatibility for broadcom wireless cards
* better printer hardware compatibility
* GNOME Do – intelligent application launcher (http://tinyurl.com/yntg9l)
* Much better games selection
* Educational and astronomy software installed
* Chromium Internet browser + Firefox
* Inkscape, Scribus and GIMP 2.6
* wireless security tools (aircrack-ng and kismet)
* GPS and location apps (TangoGPS and tools)
* many other enhancements

If you have any suggestion on how to make this Remix better and to get involved feel free to join us and make this Fedora Remix even better.

Download links:
bittorrent: http://tinyurl.com/y957fop
direct download: http://iso.linux.hr/fedora-community-remix/ and http://depositfiles.com/files/d9imqnjul

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21 Responses to Fedora Community Remix 12.1

  1. Heero2007 says:

    Taht is a great adition to the normal versions and makes fedora for most users much more attractive. This Release should be official:)
    I tested it and it works really good.
    So it’s a food competion to Ubuntu and Mandriva nd OpenSuse. Hope this Project will grow.
    So good luck for the future.

  2. mether says:

    Good luck on your efforts although the name is a violation of the Fedora trademark guidelines. There should be no words between “Fedora and “Remix”. It should be called Foo Fedora Remix or Fedora Remix Foo. You would do well to rename this.

  3. mether says:

    Also called it “Based on Fedora” is explicitly forbidden by the same guidelines

  4. skin says:

    Great stuff!

    You should work together with Fedora Omega (http://omega.dgplug.org/). Seems that the aims are the same.

    Are there also a custom theme installed. Gnome for example has some nice themes (http://art.gnome.org/). I would be nice to include a lot of themes, backgrounds and startup splash screens by default, so that users easily can change them with a few clicks

  5. Jeff says:

    I think this is what Fedora has been needing….I’m downloading now. Can’t wait to install it.

  6. italy75 says:

    Great! Where can I find more information on Fedora Community Remix?

  7. Jared says:

    Does this remix offer a x86_64 iso? I don’t see any info reagrding this.

  8. Amit says:

    Hey, I’m on my campus wifi and we can’t d/l from torrent. also the direct download is so slow i’ll never be able to keep my laptop running for so long without getting a corrupeted file. one more thing i tried is using getright to d/l but didn’t successed.
    Any ideas or maybe a different link to direct d/l

  9. Sunnz says:

    Does it use MintInstall or the Fedora package manager?

  10. Carlos Kassab says:

    Hi, This project is great but one thing i would like as a Linux user is the life cycle of the version to be similar to the lts Ubuntu.

  11. mirzmu says:

    Hi, I installed this version yesterday. It really looks and works perfectly. But I have one problem with my mobile internet on pcmcia card – Huawei E630. It’s very important for me because it’s my only source of net and updates. System can’t make correctly devices /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyUSB1. It really do them but after a while they are unreachable and disappear from list of devices.. and it’s over and over again..
    It’s strange for me because I’ve no problem with it on original F12. Any ideas?

    • valent says:

      I’m really sorry to hear that. We haven’t done anything special regarding regarding pcmcia devices. My guess is this should work or fail exactly the same on Fedora Community Remix as on regular Fedora 12. We have all updates applied and it is possible that one of the updates broke support for you card.

      Which module (driver) does Huawei E630 uses? Have you checked that the module is loaded?

  12. aarif says:

    what is diffrent with dagermouse ‘greenback’ ? Any special tool like “ojuba control center” ?

  13. lostnbronx says:

    I’ve been looking for an md5sum for 12.1 everywhere, but to no avail. Am I missing it somehow?

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