Fusion Linux and MintMenu?

LinuxMint is by many best Linux destop distribution. LinuxMint is based on Ubuntu and has some really great additions for desktop users. LinuxMint tream has worked hard on porting mintMenu to Fedora. We are considering making mintMenu default menu in GNOME for next release of Fedora Community Remix.
What is your oppinion?
Please vote:

Include MintMenu in next release of Fedora Community Remix?

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7 Responses to Fusion Linux and MintMenu?

  1. Grammar Police says:

    SPELLCHECK FTW….or, FTL in this case, as it wasn’t used.

    • Idiot police says:

      Mr. Grammar Police man, I don’t believe you answered their question, if you don’t care about the question then you shouldn’t have posted.
      I’d be all for seeing the MintMenu in your Remix. I’ve always loved the Mint Desktop, and I’m a fan of Fedora so I’d love to see it be done.

  2. lnux says:

    i just delete mint menu and opensuse gnome menu. i just use normal gnome menu.

    • valent says:

      Did you vote? Majority of people who voted are for making mintMenu default instead of plain gnome menu…

    • Eslam says:

      I have no iteernst in that software but I do recommend that you spend some time learning to be a Fedora packager and start contributing to push things forward when you want them in your remix. Some of the time you spend on your remix should be spend improving Fedora itself to the benefit of more people. Another aspect I find a bit annoying is a generic name like “community Fedora remix”. It seems to suggest that the official releases are not community based.

  3. ketan says:

    best idea, please include mint menu

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