In search for a new name

As we are required to abide by Fedora Remix guidelines previous name “Fedora Community Remix” isn’t allowed and temporarily new name for this distribution is changed to “Community Fedora Remix”.
As we are looking for a new name for this new distribution please suggest the name you would like to see. With each name please give explanation why that name would be appropriate for this Linux distribution.

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23 Responses to In search for a new name

  1. How ’bout something like Blue Hat Remix?

  2. Paul Frields says:

    That would clash directly with Red Hat’s trademarks on the name “Red Hat,” so that’s a bad idea.

  3. Ian says:

    I think just a simple Fedora Community Respin and version no says it all, its easy to understand its fedora base, it works the same way, but has extra features and software like drivers, codecs built in by the Fedora community and ready to go. So for me Fedora Community Respin says it all, as other people have said, you cant call it something else, unless you do something similiar like Chakra-project (Pre-compiled linux with everything done for you), and stipulate it is fedora based. That way no one is going to get hurt and break rules

    • valent says:

      I got a reply from Paul Frields who says “Fedora Community Respin” is also not permited 😦

      “No, that is not permitted, as stated in our trademark guidelines.
      “Community 12.x Fedora Remix” is OK, or “Fedora Remix Community 12.x.”


  4. Ian says:

    This is a little silly now, Mint has respins, (the community editions) theres other dstro spins from Arch, Ubuntu and many others. With Fedora Community, You are saying it is Fedora but maintained by a community with help from the forums and #irc channels. It would be a little silly having this as a distro name “linux distro based on fedora built maintained by a community v12,2” bit long winded? Might as well call it a different name and put init somewhere maintained by the afedora Comminity something like FCD v12.2.aka Fedora Community Distro v12.2 vuilt on Fedora somewhere?

  5. Not sure if any of these ideas work or if you think they are silly but I figured I would give it a go.

    Blue Beanie Linux

    Trilby Linux (A trilby hat looks similar to a fedora)

    Let me know what you think.

  6. FameWolf says:

    How about “Hatrack 12” since Fedora seems to be giving you all the problems on naming.

    Seems kinda moronic on their part to be harassing a remix that is trying to make the original more popular.

  7. Ian says:

    Hi again,
    I get the impression now from the posts that Fedora Community Respin, nor remix resolved some issues, relating to some patents and regulations, regarding “fedora”, “remix” and “respin” what about “GoFed!” – a fedora based distro made and maintained by the fedora community <this bit I think would have to be in the small print like all the other distros based on Fedora, Debian etc. I doesnt mention repsin, remix or the distro it is based on. Oh and by the way thanks for using my ill-fated name change idea…can I have a fedora t-shirt please..haha

  8. cSquall says:

    Perhaps Fedorable (Fedora + Adorable) would meet your needs. It’s got Fedora in it, and is implying that it is even more user-friendly than Fedora. Fedorable Remix or Respin would work too, indicating that it’s a spinoff…

    When we’re talking open source, saying that something is Community-based seems almost redundant, and not something that adds much to the name.

  9. mambang says:

    Just give u an idea. As long dont have ‘fedora’ is ok.

    ojuba – fedora arabic
    nusantara – fedora from indonesia
    greenback from dagermouse
    omega from rahul.
    i think berry is another fedora

  10. Travelinrob says:

    Seems to me you just can’t separate the words Fedora and Remix. Nowhere do I see where it says you cannot use the word Fedora.

    What you have now works- Community Fedora Remix.

    Brainstorm of words towards project’s goals:
    Community, Cooperative, Collective, Complete, Software, Environment, User Experience, Smooth, Simplify, Boost, Facilitate, Further, Better, Ease, Ballyhoo, Hype, Mend, Enhance, Improve

    Something to do with the logo: Footlong.

    Maybe some acronym:
    CUE (Complete User Experience)
    CAD (Community Augmented Distribution)

  11. Valent says:

    What about Akubra Linux?

    Australian hat with similarities to fedoras and cowboy hats:

  12. Valent says:

    Or maybe Stetson?

    Both are names of hats so that gives tribute to Fedora.

  13. ketan says:

    i suggest ‘Fedora Reloaded’ should be an apt description for this community remix version of fedora.
    I am new to trying out this remix version. Just started to download the fedora 13 remix. It looks very promising.

  14. musty says:

    Hi, Why not ne of :


    just my 50cents

  15. Keith Mills says:

    Fellowship Linux

    Suggests community and begins with an F

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