Community Fedora Remix 12.2

We would like to announce live CD/USB release of Community Fedora Remix 12.2

* 100% compatible with Fedora
* Compiz Fusion compositing window manager
* KDE + GNOME desktops
* multimedia support out of the box (mp3 playback)
* additional XFCE and Enlightenment desktops
* GNOME Do – intelligent application launcher (
* OpenOffice 3.1
* Inkscape, Scribus and GIMP 2.6
* Blender
* Evolution with native Exchange support (mapi)
* Thunderbird 3.0
* better hardware compatibility for broadcom wireless cards
* better printer hardware compatibility
* better games selection
* Educational and astronomy software installed
* Chromium Internet browser + Firefox
* wireless security tools (aircrack-ng and kismet)
* GPS and location apps (TangoGPS and tools)
* Nautilus in browser mode by default
* enabled clicking via touchpad by default
* optimized smaller iso image (1.7GB vs 2GB)
* many other enhancements

If you have any suggestion on how to make this Remix better and to get involved feel free to join us and make this Fedora Remix even better.

Download link:
direct download:
md5sum: d576596b2125279256543842317b245f

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18 Responses to Community Fedora Remix 12.2

  1. This is great. An easy to use and install a Fedora with ALL needed codecs. No messing around looking for the stuff I need. Because I stopped looking at Fedora
    as Ubuntu (especially Linux Mint)became my OS of choice. But now.? WOW!

  2. lnux says:

    what is md5sum ?
    some screenshot is better.

    • valent says:

      I updated the post with md5sum and screenshot will be there after we create custom wallpaper and choose some non-default GNOME theme. Currently it looks like default Fedora 12.

  3. Ian says:

    I think you guys are doing the hard worj that the devs should of done here. Poor help in the IRC channels doesnt help. Ive a suggested name for you here, after reading the rules a lot, I came up with these names
    Fedora Community Spin 12.2, or Fedora Respun 12.2, Fedora Cummunity Respin 12.2. From what I see I can not see any rules being broken there
    Keep up the good work

    • valent says:

      I like your thinking and “Fedora Community Respin” keeps the meaning of that we want to send as a message. This is a community distro, and there are no hard rules of things that can and can’t be done. So give us your ideas and help us build together the best possible linux distro with Fedora flavour 😉

  4. Mustaf says:

    Fedora is my favorite distro along with Mint,this remix Rocks can it be a little smaller so that I can install it in a computer with CD drive?

    • valent says:

      CD size is too small to include all these features and software. This release is meant to be used on DVD or 2GB (or bigger) USB memory stick. 2GB usb sticks are sold really cheap and available for just a few $/€ so that shouldn’t be a problem. Glad to hear that you like this Fedora Remix.

  5. FameWolf says:

    Can you provide a torrent? Just spent 2 days downloading the iso only to have the md5sum not match. At least with a torrent I could use aria2c in verify mode and only download the damaged parts.

  6. Ian says:

    I am using Fedora Respin 12.2 (erm what about Feora RS12.2 for a name?). I am also looking at why is there a menacing looking hot dog on the boot screen?. It doesnt look good, maybe “lightning flashes” would be better?. Also does the community edition have an #irc channel? It would be an idea as some people in the #fedora channels are not very helpful. I find this edition works better at the moment than the F12 widely used. I had the Respin up and running in 10 minutes! Am now looking at my drivers for the nvidia card to function better. I am quite happy with this community edition 🙂

  7. FameWolf says:

    The md5sum of the version I redownloaded matches the posted one however when installing to a laptop and telling it to use the whole drive (including encryption)…an error is popping up when copying the image to the HD…there appears to be no workaround.

  8. Reminder that this release is called “Community Fedora Remix 12.2.” It’s important not to confuse it with the official Fedora release, nor the Unity respins.

    Valent, please change the title of this post and the content ASAP, since it’s obvious that people are getting confused.

  9. mambang says:

    Great job. To make it better, could u using latest k3b not old one ? How about yumex, fast-mirror plug-in, wine ?

    • valent says:

      Sure, latest k3b will always be included and also plugins for yum are a nice idea, thanks. Wine is just too big to be included, but I’ll take it into consideration.

      We would like to keep ISO under 2GB so it fits on 2GB USB sticks.

  10. Ian says:

    I have been having problems with Nvidia drivers, I am using a 1GB nvidia 9500gt(s) card. I have followed instructions from the fedora solved wiki, but still a black screen. When I asked in #fedora if my card is properly supported, I get pointed back to same wiki site. A lot of Devs/ helpers tell me that this remix IS NOT supported by Fedora, and they will only hekp with “Unity” remix. One helper even told me quite bluntly that this is not a Fedora based distro! I know they are wrong, and will be honest I can get this distro working better than official fedora 12 release. Keep up the good work and lets get nvidia to deliver drivers that work with all thier cards wether its 128, 256, 512mb and 1gb, and not deliver a driver that just may work?

    • valent says:

      Our remix is 100% compatible with Fedora, we don’t do anything special regarding ATI or NVidia drivers, so any issues you have with our remix you will also have with stock Fedora 12. Devels don’t use our remix and don’t know what is the similarity or what is the difference so they just tell you to go away, it is easier for them 😉

      My suggestion is to say that you are using plain Fedora 12 when asking for help on IRC.

      I have installed our Remix on few Nvidia based PC’s and everything worked, but there are some NVidia and ATI cards that know from others that make trouble…

      • Valent,

        Where is the kickstart for your remix posted, so that people who are volunteering their time to help Fedora users know how you’ve set it up by default? Without that to rely on, as a fellow contributor I wouldn’t be able to tell whether I could help someone else.

      • valent says:

        I have posted kickstart file since first release, for previous release it is located here:

        I’m still trying to see how to make kickstart file incorporate automatically in .iso file

        I have also approached some not so active or abandoned fedora remixes for them to also release kicstart files. It looks like we are the first remix that shares it’s kickstart file, strange.

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