Community Fedora Remix 12.3

We would like to announce live DVD/USB release of Community Fedora Remix 12.3
* 100% compatible with Fedora
* Compiz Fusion compositing window manager
* KDE + GNOME desktops
* multimedia support out of the box (mp3 playback)
* additional XFCE desktop
* GNOME Do – intelligent application launcher (
* OpenOffice 3.1
* Inkscape, Scribus and GIMP 2.6
* Blender
* Evolution with native Exchange support (mapi)
* Thunderbird 3.0
* better hardware compatibility for broadcom wireless cards
* better printer hardware compatibility
* better games selection
* Educational and astronomy software installed
* Google Chrome Internet browser + Firefox
* wireless security tools (aircrack-ng and kismet)
* GPS and location apps (TangoGPS and tools)
* Nautilus in browser mode by default
* enabled clicking via touchpad by default
* optimized smaller iso image (1.7GB vs 2GB)
* many other enhancements
If you have any suggestion on how to make this Remix better and to get involved feel free to join us and make this Fedora Remix even better on our mailing list or via comments on this blog.
Torrent download: linux tracker and demonoid
direct download: coming soon

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14 Responses to Community Fedora Remix 12.3

  1. YBK says:

    Guys, the performance of the torrent is EXTREMELY poor.

    I can understand everything, yet I’d prefer a tad more professionalism in publishing the community remix of Fedora. There is a for those who do not get the torrent thingy, you know. Just a hint.

    Go get better,

    • valent says:

      Torrent performance is usually slow during first two days of release until more seeders turn up, so please help out by seeding.

  2. Spike says:

    bah, what is with all these remixes of popular distros that include multimedia support out of the box also including other “tweaked” crap like additional software and docks and the like? Wish somebody would just make a remix that was ONLY additional multimedia support, of both fedora and ubuntu.

  3. Stephen Green says:

    Okay now it’s nice of you guys to post a workaround for the
    MESSED UP updater. I tried it and NOTHING has changed…..
    So now what? Have you guys released a new verision of the
    remix, as I like to use it.I’m command line challanged so a new
    install disk without that problem would be cool. I’m a 64 yr.
    old linux fan (recently) who has no wish to return to Winblows
    and I’m low on patience too.

    • valent says:

      Hi Stephen, thank you for your comment. I’m not sure I understand what problems you are having. Are you having some issues with previous version of this remix or issues with Fedora 12 in general? Updates should work because Chromium repo is available again.

  4. lnux says:

    it just me or a what.
    Using KDE4 desktop. Small windows when hit top screen automagicly become max windows.

    Remix 12.2 KDE dont have this feature.

  5. Ekant says:


    I wan to make my own Fedora Remix as per my expectation . I have cetain queries:-
    1) Is their amy T& c ?
    2) I am free to do so ?

    Thanks and Regards


  6. versys says:

    when are you put direct download of Fedora Remix 12.3 ?
    we are waiting 🙂

  7. kurtdriver says:

    Hi Valent, You’ve done a lot of work here and it does show. I’m wondering why some of these packages were included on a remix intended for netbooks.

    KDE, Gnome and Xfce? Maybe you could just pick one and let users install others if they want?

    Many of the Gnome D0 plugins ahaven’t been updated in over a year. That might be a reason not to include it.

    Inkscape, Scribus, GIMP
    and Blender are each used by specific communities. Few fedora users are in the habit of 3-D modelling, for instance, and for those who are it’s a short yum install blender away.

    Why each of Thunderbird and Evolution?

    And Aircrack-ng and Kismet aren’t ran by that many people. Perhaps their use should be limited to those who can install them anyway.:)

    Educational and astronomy software packages could probably be left out without inconveniencing too many people.
    Two cents from Kurt

    • valent says:

      Hi Kurt,
      there will be a two versions in next release, first one will be “standard” based on GNOME and not many other apps/tools will be added, to keep the iso under 1GB. Extra version will be KDE+GNOME and other DE for those who want to demo all Destop enviroments from one LiveDVD/USB.

      I would love to remove evolution but that is not possible 😦 Try yum remove evolution and you will see for your self.

      From your comments I see that new “Standard” version is the right one for you. Thanks for your comments.

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