Preview of Community Fedora Remix 13

If you can’t wait for Fedora 13 to come out you can test out Community Fedora Remix 13.


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4 Responses to Preview of Community Fedora Remix 13

  1. Does it really contain “Google Chrome Internet browser”?
    Please be sure you comform to trademark guidelines there, I fail to see where you do so.

    • valent says:

      No, current version doesn’t have Google Chrome, but next version will probably have Chromium. Is that ok?

      • I’m not saying one or another is not ok. Chromium, compared to Chrome is even a free software. The trademark guidelines still apply though — please read them . You need to explicitely state that you base your distro on fedora and provide a link where unmodified Fedora can be obtained.

      • valent says:

        Lubomir do you have examples how others before me have done this so that I can just use the same mechanism? Do you have any suggestions? Is text file in /home of all users ok? Is there a better way?

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