Need a helping hand

Idea is to have mintMenu installed and setup instead of Gnome menu, I got lots and lots of positive feedback that people want to see this but I need help to make it happen.
Currently mintMenu package is not being maintained and is stuck in review process so it isn’t coming to Fedora repositories any time soon šŸ˜¦
If there is anybody who can help in making rpm package of mintMenu and figure a way to install it via kickstart files for Community Fedora Remix I would be really grateful.

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5 Responses to Need a helping hand

  1. Zoltanh721 says:

    Forget mintmenu. Use Kupfer, witch is similar like gnome do, but pure python, and much faster, just read after…

  2. msiantuxlover says:

    Just curious, why not openSUSE’s SLAB Menu? Similar to mintmenu and has a large community behind it ….

    • valent says:

      mintMenu menu is slab menu + additional features which make it much more usable. Why not? Slab menu is also not in Fedora repos so technical issue are same as with mintMenu.

  3. lnux says:

    how many user want mintmenu ? I dont. Why waste ypur time with mintmenu ?

    i just want “ready to use fedora”, no mono please.

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