packageless mintMenu

Since there are no updated mintMenu rpm packages I’ll install mintMenu from tarball. Until somebody steps up and continues pushing mintMenu Fedora package I can use only tarball version of mintMenu.
I’ll add these lines to Fedora Remix kickstart file:
# Download and install mintMenu
mkdir "$INSTALL_ROOT/extra/mintmenu" -p
cd "$INSTALL_ROOT/extra/mintmenu" -p
tar xvzf mintmenu*
cp -r mintmenu/usr/lib/linuxmint/ "$INSTALL_ROOT/usr/lib/"
cp mintmenu/usr/lib/bonobo/servers/mintMenu.server "$INSTALL_ROOT/usr/lib/bonobo/servers/mintMenu.server"
cp mintmenu/usr/bin/mintmenu "$INSTALL_ROOT/usr/bin/"

this block of code goes in %post --nochroot part of kicstar files.
After creating a fresh ISO image I’ll see if everything went as planed or if I made some wrong assumptions on how this should work.

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9 Responses to packageless mintMenu

  1. Rahul Sundaram says:

    It is might better to take the latest SRPM, build a binary and put it in a custom repository which is then used in kickstart. That way you can actually push updates if needed. Shoving unpackaged binaries like this is a ugly ugly hack

  2. taljurf says:

    I’ll see if i can continue the package process to add it to the fedora repo.


  3. Rahul Sundaram says:

    It is trivial to update the spec and rebuild the package compared to what you are doing with a kickstart file. If you are maintaining a remix, learning to build packages is a pretty basic skill to learn.

    • valent says:

      I edited the spec file and played with it for 2-3 hours, I get package to build but it doesn’t work after installing. Details are on bugzilla. Hope you can help.

      • Rahul Sundaram says:

        I have no interest in that software but I do recommend that you spend some time learning to be a Fedora packager and start contributing to push things forward when you want them in your remix. Some of the time you spend on your remix should be spend improving Fedora itself to the benefit of more people.

        Another aspect I find a bit annoying is a generic name like “community Fedora remix”. It seems to suggest that the official releases are not community based.

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