Worlds easiest .spec file

I have a really exciting announcement to make – mintMenu is almost ready for Community Fedora Remix 13!

I made an RPM package of latest mintMenu 4.9.9, installed it through local yum repository and now I just need to figure out how to swap out GNOME menu for mintMenu through kickstart script.

There are two ways I figured out that this could be done. First one is to setup gnome-panel on one machine and them just save settings (gconftool-2 –dump) to xml config files, second way it to add mintMenu config line by line from kickstart file.

I tried first approach, but got stuck on the issue of how to get files into kickstart ISO build environment. Only way I see is to make RPM packages from files I need, create local repository and then install RPM from there. Is there any other way?

Please help with making possibly worlds easiest .spec file, because it just fails for me every time I tried 😦 For mintMenu I just modified older .spec file but not I tried modifying a few but just can’t hack it still.

So if you would like to help please make the most basic .spec file from this tarball. Only thing needed to happen is to have these files saved somewhere in /usr/share and that is it.

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