Rockets artwork for Fedora 13 media

I was looking for some live media artwork for Community Fedora Remix 13.1, but could not find any that was had Fedora Goddard theme on it.
Fedora 13 has great artwork, wallpaper is especially great, only the disc artwork looks a bit too bland for my taste. Reading Mairin’s blog I saw great rockets LightScribe artwork, now only issue was that it was black and white and not in colour.
So I fired up GIMP and Inkscape and three hours later and I remixed some of the artwork to create new live media artwork. Hope you like it.
Here are the sources: background is made in GIMP and the whole live media label is composed in Inkscape.
I would love to see these labels appear on main Fedora 13 Artwork page.

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4 Responses to Rockets artwork for Fedora 13 media

  1. Dick Roark says:

    It works for me. Nice job.

  2. Ikem says:

    It looks very professional. You did a very good job. 🙂

  3. walktheedgedesign says:

    I like the design.

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