Chromium by default?

In the latest release of Community Fedora Remix (yes, we are looking for a new name) some flack we got was due to having duplicate apps; two browsers and two email clients.

How about switching to Chromium only in our next release?

Are there some pitfalls that would prevents us from doing so? The biggest issue currently is that Chromium is still not in Fedora repos (read why) but Tom releases great quality packages and all his releases were rock solid so far.

Chrome/Chromium browser has more than 70 million users, much more than Fedora itself, for me that proves it is a good and stable browser. I have been using latest versions of Chromium for past few months, and I have great experience with it. I use both Firefox and Chromium, but it looks like most people would like to have just one.

Please post your comments here or in our mailing list and cast your vote here:

Which browser would you like to see in next release of Community Fedora Remix?

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2 Responses to Chromium by default?

  1. shady says:

    chromium and firefox or just chromium. But not just firefox.

  2. I agree with Shady. If you’re only going to have one browser installed, make it Chromium. Firefox, for me, is just way too bloated and slow.

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