Bug that killed Fedora Remixes

Currently there is no way to create any Fedora 13 Respin or Remix using latest Fedora packages. This is just a shame because Fedora is known for its Respin/Remix feature.
There is a bug that is preventing anybody who wants to create Fedora Respin or Remix with updated Fedora 13 packages. If anybody in Fedora community knows of a workaround for this bug I would really appreciate if you could share. Is there a way to create Fedora Respin or Remix with older versions of NetworkManager so that Anaconda installer doesn’t crash?

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11 Responses to Bug that killed Fedora Remixes

  1. Arun SAG says:

    Just exclude following packages in your updates repo.

    1. udev
    2. dbus-glon
    3. NetworkManager*

    repo –name=updates –mirrorlist=http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/mirrorlist?repo=updates-released-f13&arch=$basearch –excludepkgs=NetworkManager*,udev,dbus-glib

    This is an ugly way to fix this bug, sadly we got no other option 😦

  2. Rahul Sundaram says:

    NM changing it’s API in an update isn’t any sort of bug as explained in the bug report. This post just sounds melo dramatic as always

  3. dexter says:

    Ah you’ve hit the anaconda is not fit for purpose/fedora bug.
    please research and test zyx-liveinstaller.

  4. Scott Dowdle says:

    If the API change triggers a bug in anaconda and you can’t do installs anymore with updates applied, that is pretty dramatic.

    So the package that needs fixing is anaconda BUT the @redhat developer says they can’t update anaconda without having to build, QA and re-release the install media… which makes no sense… and that too is dramatic.

    You telling us that it isn’t dramatic, is pretty dramatic.

    One not being able to build a respin nor a remix with updates is pretty dramatic to me. People who don’t build remixes or respins, not so dramatic.

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