Which package you would like every new Fedora user to see?

Which piece of software you believe that every new Fedora user should be aware of that isn’t installed by default on Fedora Live CD?
Why do you think that this package should be installed by default?
Make your claim strong enough and I’ll include it by default in new Fusion Linux 14 Fedora Remix.

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14 Responses to Which package you would like every new Fedora user to see?

  1. Nushio says:

    kmod-wl. Seriously, kmod-wl. It’s the one reason I use RPMFusion. It’s the one reason I must respin my own netbook spins or whatever to get them working on laptops.

    kmod-wl. That is all.

  2. R says:

    I wish it had the following:

    nano mc (I need these if I cant Xorg)

    geany (more power, simple layout)
    pyroom (less power, even simpler)

    netactview (i’m used to tpcview, this is pretty similar, lets me keep tabs on what going on)

    gparted (other part tool fall short of this one)


    gnome-translate (I need to figure out Spanish sometimes)

    {I need a good chess game. I haven’t picked a best one yet.}

    • valent says:

      Your wish is my command 😉
      nano, nc, geany, pyroom, netactview, gparted and gnome-translate added. Only yumex would be a duplicate for existing packagekit add/remove app. Why do you use yumex?

      • Jan says:

        From my point of view yumex is much faster and more comfortable than packagekit. Most of all the packagekit yum plugin is really annoying, because packagekit (AFAIK) will be refreshed after each yum package installation or package update. So it blocks yum til the refresh is finished.

      • Jan says:

        You should have a look at the pre-releases of yumex at http://www.yum-extender.org/cms/

  3. RS says:

    glChess seems to be the simplest, and best looking (in 2D), of the chess games. But I’ve only tried 3 different ones.

    YumEx, while can cause problems if you install or update a kernel with it (a reason to not have it by default), but look at all this:
    Almost better than Synaptic.

  4. pcbase says:

    Hey man thanks for a great Fedora Remix. U remix make Fedora easy for normal user.

    Oracle Sun Virtualbox – Nowdays install virtualbox not so easy. I end up update kernel.

    Ojuba control center – The main point i use Ojuba remix. I wish Ojuba dev can meke it easy to use with another Fedora Remix.

    KDE – Not full KDE desktop with all shit.

  5. Awesome Moose says:

    I would love to see alien included in this. I use alien all of the time in Ubuntu to use .rpm packages, and I think that it’s very useful.

  6. miaronyaina says:

    i think it should be multimedia out of box, and nvidia driver working, and wine also…i mean a real out of the box for those who want to use it without internet connection…..coz if not we use pclinuxos, the best rpm based out of the box

  7. Jmlevick says:

    I’m going to give my two cents to this project of Fusion Linux!!

    audacious, cheese, kmess, pidgin, gimp, gparted, kscd, sound-juicer, xchat, kget, kdenlive, k3b, banshee, xsane, vlc, skype and firefox

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