New Fusion Linux logo (killing the Hotdog)

The feature I get asked the most is “when will you replace that horrid hotdog logo”, or something like that. Well in doing that I need your help. If you have any basic GIMP and RPM packaging skills you can help in making this happen.
Once we have new graphics logo in place and few minor tweaks in place new release will be ready for release.
How can you help? Join our mailing list so we can go into details in there.
But here are the steps that needed to be done:

  • Download generic-logos package
  • Extract generic-logos package
  • Replace existing hotdog images with new logo image
  • Repackage new images into fusion-linux-logos package

New logo will be from Kollision game (yum install kdegames). Scalable version of logo can be found in /usr/share/icons/oxygen/scalable/apps/kollision.svgz after installing kdegames package.
Two types of skills are needed here, this can be two people; one who knows how to manipulate images in GIMP and other who knows RPM packaging or one person that has both skills.
There is just too much work for me to do this also so please join in and help out.

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19 Responses to New Fusion Linux logo (killing the Hotdog)

  1. mairin says:

    but….. i love the hot dog… 😦

  2. DDevine says:

    I’m not sure you can just use the unmodified Kollision logo even if the license makes it open you will still run into Trademark law. Perhaps you should investigate this if you have not already.

  3. Ikem says:

    > Fusion Linux – Blog about Fusion Linux distribution that is a Fedora Remix

    Sounds a bit humpdy dumpdy.

    How about this:

    Fusion Linux – Blog about a Fedora Remix

  4. Ikem says:


    You can make it even shorter (better?), by reducing it to:

    Fusion Linux

    Blog about a Fedora Remix

  5. Alex Taylor says:

    Don’t kill the Hot Dog. It’s cool and refreshing. The world is too serious. If seeing that hot dog doesn’t make someone smile, try reading the Onion’s daily report. I am starting a new movement: “KEEP THE HOT DOG”. So far I am the only member. If anyone wants to join, let me know.
    “keep the hot dog”

  6. R says:

    the Kollision icon matches the Fusion name. I think it is good.

    On the name/title of blog:

    The name show up twice at the top of the page:
    “Fusion Linux {large font}
    Fusion Linux – Blog about a Fedora Remix”

    I can’t think of anything good right now…

    Fusion Linux
    The Home of the Fedora Remix Done Right

    , or;

    Fusion Linux
    The Blog/Forum/Mailing List of Fedora’s Pimp Tightest Remix

  7. R says:

    Also, Home and About are the same page. Maybe the index (home) should be the blog? That where all the jazz and shiny pics will be…

    • valent says:

      Home page was blog but it is then just too clutered, and when somebody lands on homepage he should be presented with what Fusion Linux is about and not some random blog post that happens to be there, just in my oppinion that is better and most of sites do it that way. I need some screenshots and graphics for home page.

      Anybody willing to stepup and help with that is also welcome, then I’ll have more time to create better remix.

  8. Ikem says:

    I think, it would be better if the whole site resembles the default blueish Fedora look. And the banner/logo some kind of “cold fusion”.

  9. tk009 says:

    Before you go and change the site to look ‘more’ like fedora’s site with color scheme and use of the words ‘Fedora Remix’, you might want to read the trademark guidelines.

    I read them again today myself.

  10. Blue Light says:

    I agree with many that the hotdog logo needs to be replaced with the collision one. I’m a noob using Omega Fedora for two years now. My opinion on the matter is that a logo is an identity, so if we use a generic, we’re not moving up.


  11. Blue Light says:

    Can this site take suggestions on the design (look and feel) of the site?

    Great job on the efforts by the way. I found the change in the logo a great plus for Fedora with popular usable applications.

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