Fusion Linux theme v1

This is first version of Fusion Linux theme, any comments are welcome, and constructive criticism also.
Murrine is used as GTK engine, Alliance theme and Faenza icons. I really like how Feanza icons have uniform look in status bar but not sure about brown icons, maybe blue ones? Brown look more suited to Ubuntu color scheme.
Most of linux distros have some color theme but then icons in the tray pop out too much because each of then has it’s own really distinct color. Now only two icons you can see that stand out are Dropbox and Comiz.
As Fusion Linux is still in the making any of there colors isn’t set in stone and could be changed if anybody has some better suggestions.
So please comment how do you like this theme? Please provide any critical comments also if you don’t like some part of it or all of it.

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8 Responses to Fusion Linux theme v1

  1. Leszek says:

    The Metacity Theme somehow looks ugly. The color does not fit and the buttons look like cutted out and pasted wrongly.
    I would suggest perhaps take a look at the elementary metacity theme. It might fit better to make a unifying look for menubar and toolbar.
    Faenza’s blue icon theme would also fit better to the blueish theme (background wallpaper) of Fusion Linux.
    I would also suggest having the panel at the bottom either solid or using a backgroundimage so that its more visible. Semi-Transparent with a blue background looks not very friendly.
    Ah and btw. the panel items are customized right ? Because for default shipment it should be only a few, so that it can look pretty slick and fine.
    The best is to test the default configuration on a netbook with lower resolution as well to take a look on how everything fits together there.
    I am always testing my themes on an eeepc 701.

    Have good luck with the project.
    I am pretty sure it can get great. But be patience and take your time to round the edges.

    • valent says:

      On the screenshots for Alliance theme there are no boxes around the buttons, everything is nice and round:

      I’m not sure what is causing boxes to appear for me and where is the bug.
      This could be a easy task for somebody who would like to help and is good at communication. Please contact Alliance theme author and ask for help with resolving this issue.

      Also you can see at Alliance theme homepage that brown icons are much better suited for Ubuntu colour palette than Fedora blue wallpaper.

      I kinda like Alliance theme and colour and don’t see why it doesn’t fit, just those buttons need to be fixed to have smooth round edges.

      Screenshot is from mine Fedora 13 desktop so it is customized, so shipped version will have much less icons, don’t worry 😉

      • Leszek says:

        The boxes appear because you changed the button order. The theme is only intended for having the button order to be left not right.
        The same happened to the button default metacity theme during 10.04s development. The authors had to completely create a theme (basically completely new button images) for a right button order.
        The color is another question. I really don’t like brown. I thought those days are over forever 😛

        The Icons don’t fit to the blueish background. You should stick to one color just like fedora does and don’t make the same mistake as ubuntu does currently by shipping icons that don’t fit their desktop colors.
        You can even stick to brownish/orangish icons but then you need to have a similiar desktop wallpaper.
        This will look then consistent but IMHO not really beautiful.

  2. Federico says:


    I do agree 100% with Leszek’s post.

    I would also make a critic about fonts: I’ve noticed that there are several different font size around the screen, and that doesn’t look very good to me.

    Maybe if application menu bar font were a little smaller (to match the Desktop icon’s) it would look better. (and don’t forget the tray icon “1GHz” font too)

    Good luck! 🙂

    • valent says:

      I have tried the same theme on Ubuntu and Linux Mint and it doesn’t matter what is the button order. I also tested different button orders on Fedora and made buttons look same as on Ubuntu but the issue artifacts are still present.

      On Fedora no matter what button order I put there are artifacts.

      On Ubuntu/Mint no matter what is the button order there are no artifacts.

      Any ideas?!?

  3. valent says:

    Check out screenshots:

  4. Ikem says:

    The theme looks interesting. But I don’t like the shiny back/forward/up icons.

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