Thunderbird replaces Evolution

In preparation for Fusion Linux 14 release I’ll be announcing some of the features that you will see upon release. One of apps that we got asked the most is Thunderbird, so Thunderbird will be primary email client replacing Evolution.

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6 Responses to Thunderbird replaces Evolution

  1. DDevine says:

    A really handy app to include with Thunderbird is called DavMail. It is a MS Exchange (2003, 2007+ support is experimental and there is better connectors for these anyway) gateway. You give it the details to connect to the Exchange Server OWA and it will split everything out into native protocols locally.

    It would also be really good if Thunderbird could have the Lightning calendar extension installed by default.

    Thunderbird + Lightning + DavMail is the best setup for exchange server (2003, the most commonly used) connectivity is the best I have found by far.
    Davmail is a Java program so it would mean adding Java to the base install unfortunately.

  2. Scott Dowdle says:

    Evolution will still be there, right? Unfortunately, I think some of its pieces are dragged as requirements for some mandatory packages and I don’t think there is anyway to get rid of Evolution… but I haven’t tried very hard. I personally use Zimbra web-based email so I don’t really care about an email client.

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