Fusion Linux brings best burning app to your desktop

Fusion Linux brings absolutely best Linux apps from each category with no compromise. User experience is what matters the the most to us. As already mentioned in previous article in email category Thunderbird will replace Evolution.
In CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning category K3b is best know app out there. There are other apps that are in the same category but because of its features and stability K3b makes the class of its own.
That is why Brasero is replaced by K3b in the uncoming Fusion Linux 14. Brasero is by no means bad app but K3b has much better features and, by almost all people, was chosen first to be included in Fusion Linux.
If you haven’t, please check out Fusion Linux 14 beta.

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5 Responses to Fusion Linux brings best burning app to your desktop

  1. DDevine says:

    Putting KDE applications in the middle of a Gnome distro???

    Besides space concerns (which isn’t a concern really if you do DVD only releases) a consistent user experience is important! We may all understand the reason for the inconsistency but for somebody completely new to open source software they won’t have even heard of Gnome and KDE and therefore will not understand why the program is so different from the others.

  2. Scott Dowdle says:

    Wow. Really? I primarily use KDE and it so happens I use a number of GTK-based (call them GNOME-based if desired) apps and I can’t really tell a difference. I will admit the file selector and print dialogs vary… but they are similar enough that I don’t think it will scare anyone.

    I also disagree with the whole notion that anything based on Fedora is a “GNOME distro” and that trying to stick to a single widget set is silly. Yes, that means that I think Fedora is silly for pushing different “spins” of their distro… and it should just be a DVD with a mix… but I understand why they do it that way. In the case of FusionLinux, as you also pointed out, it is a DVD so that isn’t an issue.

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  4. Bill Davidsen says:

    If you want “best burning” application, you have to replace hokum with the real cdrecord from Joerg Schilling. Sorry, totem.

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