How do you make your Fedora desktop shine?

What is first tweak that you do to make Fedora nicer looking after a fresh install?
Fedora is best looking Linux distro out of the box but even that can’t please everybody, each of us has his own style. So what is yours?
Do you change the icons? Whole GNOME theme maybe? Just tweak fonts a bit? Please share what you do, if you also have a screenshot ready please share links to it in the comments but write which components you have tweaked and how.
And if you want to make your changes more widely accepted by more people drop into Fusion Linux Fedora Remix forum and work with us to make your customization into official Fusion Linux theme.

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11 Responses to How do you make your Fedora desktop shine?

  1. robert says:

    I just change the wallpaper and login Picture cuz they are always too dark for me!
    I remove all icons near “system”…
    I remove bottom panel and move top panel to bottom…and then add “Window List” to panel…
    I remove “date” section from time ! I just need time…

  2. gapf says:

    The first thing I do after installing Fedora, for it to look better, is deleting GNOME and installing KDE. Damn I dislike GNOME…


  3. leif says:

    – remove email icon from top panel
    – remove trash bin from bottom panel
    – $ yum install nautilus-open-terminal

    Lately i’ve been more adventurous and installing awn plus awn-extras. I run a pretty minimalist dock though. An app task bar centered and a desktop switcher (slick-switcher) on the right.

  4. bobpoljakov says:


    I change the theme to shiki-colors (noble at this time) and icons to gnome-colors. I usually reduce the font size to 8 (on a standard laptop screen), and set sub pixel smoothing. And also remove the icons from the desktop. I also set the application buttons to text only instead of icons and text.
    I also used the same theme but not the noble, but the brave or wise color scheme.

    Here’s how it looks now

  5. aim says:

    1. Change libXft fontconfig and Cairo to patched versions to support normal hinting a-la windows.
    2. Change UGLY window buttons.
    3. Remove all that shit installed by default.

    Yes, I can make a custom spin – i’m just to lazy. But first 2 things is a MUST to be fixed.

  6. bochecha says:

    I build the Gnome-Shell Git HEAD:

  7. DDD says:

    I try to get rid of all of the useless default icons and widgets…. It’s like the old OEM Windows 95 these days….

  8. Franck-y says:

    CheckGmail should be still working (after fresh install)

  9. 1) First thing: focus-follows-mouse.
    2) Drag terminal and logout launchers to top panel
    3) install gconf-editor and go to apps nautilus, switch of all the icons appearing on the desktop
    4) add a keyboard shortcut for raiselower
    5) copy over my old .gconf which has loads of xterm launchers of various kinds (after installing xterm and emacs of course)
    and various specialised gnome-terminal profiles. And yes, remove the trash bin and get open-terminal in the root menu as per leif’s comment.
    Basically try and make it look like a proper unix environment again without all of the windows look-alike cruft. (I would still use fvwm, which was the apogee of user experience in my opinion, but there are a few things which do benefit from being in gnome..)

  10. Dave Blackburn says:

    Here’s an overview of how I (heavily) tweak e.g. Fedora 20 install:

    yum -y install fvwm

    cd /etc/systemd/system
    ln -sf /lib/systemd/system/
    systemctl isolate

    Add significant customization/extensions under /home/local and trigger use of this at login by adding a shell script in dir: /etc/profile.d

    (Note: I use a separate /home filesys to keep customizations separated/independent of standard installs. I also use separate root filesystems for each release which simplifies upgrading with minimal risk.)


    While I’m excited to see tremendous progress with Linux in general, and specifically with Fedora and Remixes, I prefer keeping Linux highly efficient/functional for both less technical (e.g. Windows similar) operation as well as more powerful technical user workstation operation.

    I think it’s great to have advanced gnome/kde/etc functionality, however, I would prefer also having a bit more emphasis on simplifying/supporting desktop use at a deeper level.

    E.g., in addition to providing gnome menu selections as the dominant formula for configuring/operating certain applications, also provide more deep info for non gnome (etc.) users. E.g. be careful to keep applications from having excessive unnecessary dependencies (e.g. unneeded languages/fonts and specific desktop/window managers).

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