F-Spot 0.8.0 in Fedora 14 and in Fusion 14

F-Spot photo manager in Fedora 14 repos has been updated to latest 0.8.0 version. This is the first stable release since 0.6.2 arrived in mid-May of this year. According to the developers, the latest version of their image organiser addresses introduces a number of new features and fixes nearly 300 bugs.
F-Spot 0.8.0, the first long-term stable release of the 0.8.x series, features a completely new import system that reportedly corrects several crashing issues found in the previous version, improved and more robust metadata handling and an updated duplication detection system. Users can now pan photos using the mouse and reparent – combine photos as versions of each other – via drag and drop. Other changes include the addition of a remove from camera option, support for Monodevelop and various stability, performance and usability updates.
More details about the release can be found in the NEWS file and in the official release announcement by GNOME hacker Ruben Vermeersch. F-Spot 0.8.0 is available to download from the project’s site or via your distro package management systems and a user guide is provided. F-Spot is licensed under the GNU GPLv2.
F-Spot will be default photo management app in Fusion Linux 14 replacing Shotwell as previously discussed.

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4 Responses to F-Spot 0.8.0 in Fedora 14 and in Fusion 14

  1. mathumba says:

    it was jolly riveting to look over fusionlinux.org
    I require to refer to your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

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  3. Alejandro Nova says:

    You really should have a post explaining how to convert a stock Fedora system into Fusion. Great work.

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