Fusion 14 Release Candidate is out

Fusion 14 Release Candidate is out in the wild and ready for you.
This version should be quite stable, all major bugs from beta version have been fixed.
This is first release of Fusion that includes TeamViewer and Skype out of the box.
Some of other new features:
GIMP 2.7 devel version with single window mode
Firefox 4.0 beta
F-Spot instead of Shotwell
Xournal – great app for drawing and PDF annotation
K3B for CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning
Thunderbird instead of Evolution
PlayOnLinux – easily install Windows games and apps
Better selection of games
Giver – easy file sharing in local network
Gwibber – Twitter and Identica social network client
Tomboy instead of GNote for quick note taking
Krusader – most powerful file manager
Dropbox – easy store your backup files on remote server and share them

Other features are mostly unchanged:
Chromium as default browser
Audio and video codecs
VLC player
mintMenu and DockbarX instead of stadard GNOME
Autoten – for easy tweaking and installation of additional packages
Gnome-do – simple do more and faster on your desktop
Parcellite – desktop clipboard manager
Blender – 3D modeling and animation app
Inkscape – vector graphics app

For official release we need help with making release notes, fixing bugs in Alliance Metacity theme, checking for bugs in Faenza icon theme and general testing of features. So please drop by out google group and join our small team of contributors.
Big thanks goes for all current and future contributors who helped out and made this release happen.

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19 Responses to Fusion 14 Release Candidate is out

  1. finid says:

    Looking forward to stable release. What’s the ETA?

  2. Dangerous says:

    I´m in Fusion Linux team too.
    I have plan to make something big for final.
    But it is possible if valent approve my idea 😉


  3. thelinux123 says:

    Our torrent on linuxtracker.org was downloaded 765 times !
    Thats good!
    And we have 82 seeders, wich is fantastic!

  4. Mode says:

    Hi, Downloaded the Fusion 14 RC and install it on a USB. Was trying to boot but it hangs at the Syslinux 3.86 2010-04-01 Ebios copyright …

    Any idea what’s the caused ? I even tried Fedora 14 live and also facing the same problem but not on Ubuntu 10.10 live which i can manage to boot it up successfully.

    By the way i’m using Dell vostro 3500. Please help TQ

  5. hanszi says:

    i will try it today.

  6. Nux says:

    How’s the situation with NVidia and ATI proprietary graphics drivers?
    Are they included in the distro as well?

    You can check out this post regarding NVidia and ATi proprietary drivers:

  7. Robiwan says:


    I am realy impressed what ist working out of the box in fusion. It could relay be my new distro – instead of mandriva. The only bad point: the relay big foodprint – needs 5GB to install on disk. It could realy be the best dristo in town if some apps would be replaced by smaller one. I.A. tomboy/mono…
    I am willing to make some suggestions on makeing fusion smaller – but where should i post it…

    make you day


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  9. george says:

    Hi There and sorry for bad English

    I would like to ask wy i can’t create a user on fusion remix 14 rc.
    I have installed it on an partition in my acer AO751h and after first reboot it
    drive me to make an user and i put name,it says not invalid…..

  10. Perry says:

    Hi Valent, Nice work! Eagerly awaiting f14 stable. Installed the RC and it worked fine until I did an update. After downloading and installing 411(!) updates, GDM failed to launch login window. Installed it again, with same result. Has this bug been resolved?
    How far away are we from f14 final? (Your best estimate) –Perry

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