Fusion Linux in good company


When Fusion Linux appeared on Distrowatch my wish was that our project gets at least in top 50. I told myself that if we succeed that not only it would make me very happy but it would also show that Fusion Linux has its place in the world. I also decided that if there would be no interest in this kind of Linux distro that I would abandon Fusion Linux project.

Stats that you can see now on Distrowatch are just amazing. To be listed in top 10 and now even have an official release out is a sign that we are doing something correctly and that there is a demand for Fusion Linux.
Thank you all.

So why not join in and get involved with Fusion Linux project?

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4 Responses to Fusion Linux in good company

  1. Dangerous says:

    We’re in top 10!
    Awesome job valent!

  2. Leszek says:

    Hehe 7 days overview. Enjoy your top 10 score it will go down very soon šŸ˜›

  3. valent says:

    Well it would be nice just to be in top 50, but looking at current stats is really nice. When you are on top only way is down…

  4. Myu says:

    I just want to thanks Fusion Linux devs and all people involved in this project šŸ™‚

    Fusion Linux bring the GNU/Linux desktop to the top, i really love it, so much little things who REALLY improve “usability” & multimedia usage (sorry, bad english) like (not exhaustive) Gnome do (discover because of you ^^), autoten, clipboard manager, codecs, vlc, wine, the modified gnome panel (mint like :p) and so, so much others things

    Keep that good work !! Thanks again for this awesome distro, can’t wait to see the future !


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