Fusion 14 release schedule

People are asking when will Fusion 14 be released, I can’t give you a date but a list of tasks that needs to be finished before we can ship Fusion 14.
As Fusion Linux is community project run by handful of volunteers it depends when all of us make time to finish all tasks that need to be done before releasing it. If we get few really dedicated contributors that would jump in and help out Fusion could be released in 5-6 days, with our current speed and no new contributors I can only guess that we are 2-3 weeks away from release. So feel free to join our small but vibrant community and help out.
Task: Write release notes
Status: We have few offers to help and write release notes so hopefully we will see first drafts soon.
Time: 1-2 days
Maintainer: who ever posts first draft

Task: Faenza icons need to be packaged and uploaded to fusion repo.
Status: Today I finished modifying last icon (Nautilus) so that now all system icons are blue. RPM package needs to be made and uploaded to fusion repo.
Time: 2 days
Completion: 50%
Maintainer: Valent
Task: Alliance theme needs to be modified, packaged and uploaded to repo.
Status: Today I got email from Jean-luc that he will probably need one week to send me custom buttons for our version of theme. If somebody can take this over it would accelerate fusion release. We also need rpm package build and uploaded to fusion repo. If somebody can help with rpm packaging that would be great.
Time: 10 days if nobody steps up
Completion: 50%
Maintainer: Jean-luc & Valent
Task: New logo needs to be made, and all generic artwork replaced with our artwork, also rpm package needs to be made that replaces generic-logos package
Status: Hugo will make a choice which is the best version he has made and use that one and kollision icon to create two plymouth themes. We will choose which one to use by evaluating both of them and choose which one to use in our final artwork.
Time: ?
Completion: 20%
Maintainer: Hugo & Valent
Task: Edit Fusion GNOME tweaks files so new themes are default instead of Fedora theme, create and upload new rpm package
Status: I can start doing this even before we get final themes. Should be done in 2-3 days.
Time: 3 days
Completion: 0%
Maintainer: Valent
Task: Find font that will be used for Fusion logo and general Fusion look & feel
Status: I posted on mailing list few fonts that could be used, but had not time to take it further. Anybody is welcome to dig through all fonts resources that we have found so far and propose a list of best fonts that have free licence and nice design.
Time: 6-7 days if nobody steps up
Completion: 20%
Maintainer: Valent, but feel free to take it over
Task: Test building new iso
Status: After all packages are in new iso can be build via our kickstart files and livecd-creator
Time: 5 hours
Completion: 0%
Maintainer: Valent
Task: Test new iso
Status: After building new iso do some basic QA testing, installing iso, adding & removing additional packages, test networking, browser…
Time: few hours – 1 day
Completion: 0%
Maintainer: Valent
Task: Upload Fusion 14 iso: after building new iso upload it to few sites and create torrent
Status: I will upload new iso and then let Carl know so he can create torrent. Then all of you can help with seeding.
Time: few hours – 1 day
Completion: 0%
Maintainer: Carl & Valent
Task: Announcing Fusion 14 release
Status: 24h after we released Fusion internally and hopefully nobody saw some major issues we can send out an official release notification to distrowatch and on our blog.
Time: 1 day
Completion: 0%
Maintainer: Valent
If I missed some task or you feel something needs to be added please feel free and say so on our google group/mailing list.

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