Fusion Linux – suggest video, audio and other media

Fusion 14 will have “Examples” directory on the Desktop that will have different types of media showing and explaining how Fusion Linux and other Open Source apps can be used.
Media shouldn’t be too long and should showcase some features of Fedora and Fusion and apps that come with it.
Currently there are three sub folders as you can see, named Podcast, Remix and Videos. What videos would you put in those folders? What other folders would you create? Maybe examples folder with some example works from GIMP, Inkscape and other programs?
If you have any idea please feel free to share it.

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3 Responses to Fusion Linux – suggest video, audio and other media

  1. ziko says:

    i would like to see some complete gnome themes in rpm packages which would set gtk theme, wallpaper, icons, fonts, pointer…
    same like ubuntu have themes in deb packages…

    • valent says:

      Do you know somebody who is making them in RPM package? Are you willing to make them? If there are some already I’ll include them in this distribution but I don’t have time to make them myself.

  2. Julian Aloofi says:

    Put in a file called core_values_of_freesoftware.ogg and make it a Rick Astley video šŸ˜‰

    Now seriously, maybe this Inkscape introduction would fit in well http://linuxgrrl.com/learn/Introduction_To_Inkscape ?

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