Fusion Linux Weekly Update

There have been lots and lots of development in last week, so here are the highlights.
* Examples folder issue resolved
Now we can have any thing we want to demo or showcase in “Examples” desktop folder, and no more flaky build issues, now folder is included without failing on every build.
* Compiz fusion out of the box
I talked with Fedora Compiz package maintainers and got info how to enable compiz via gconf options that works! GNome and RedHat documentation wasn’t correct so using only documentation produced only fail.
* Fusion look and feel
Faenza icons and Alliance theme successfully applied to latest build and with help from Alliance author all issues are now fixed! Be ready for one shagadelic looking desktop.
* Terminal polish
Fortune added so that you get some funny quote every time you start terminal, also added blue in terminal it fits better with overall look & feel.
* Fusion fitness
Removed some packages that had have dependencies in tens of Mb, like PySolFC and Hydrogen because they need java-1.5.0 that is over 45 Mb in size. Also removed foomatic-db* packages, now need to see it printer that need them install them automatically or nor, and also foo2* packages. This needs more testing, anybody is welcome to jump in.
* Updated MintMenu
MintMenu just rocks! There were issues with first few MintMenu 5.x releases that just didn’t work on Fedora but now latest MintMenu works like a charm. There are some small bugs regarding small icons, and need to fill favourite menu some cool apps, but those are small and easy things to do.
* TeamViewer update
Latest TeamViewer 6.0 works nice on Fusion but it would be nice to get some more testing from you guys. The issue I have with it is that current package comes with it’s own wine version and because of that it is huge (over 85 Mb!). I tried deleting their wine libs and using default wine from our repos, and everything works great. Now if just somebody could repackage and make new smaller RPM that would be great.
* GIMP 2.7 developement version
GIMP 2.7.1 developement version is now included in Fusion instead of official 2.6 version and it works great, there are some bugs but it behaves nicely most of the time. Needs some gimp users to do more testing.
* Ailurus
Ailurus is great gnome tweak tool.
* Banshee
Banshee installed as default audio player and Rythmbox is removed.
* Awesome screen capture
Shutter is awesome screen capture that is missing on gnome by default, only drawback it it’s huge depenedncy on 30 perl file (30 Mb), so please give your feedback if 30 Mb in size is worth this feature or not.
* Better games
Lots and lots of time spent on testing and selecting best games that aren’t too big to be included in Fusion. Also some of bigger games got removed.
* Swappiness
enabled swappiness=5 to improve performance
* Run as root
beesu is an app that eables you to run gui apps via your root account, for example: beesu gedit /etc/resolv.conf
To do:
* integrate Fusion artwork into iso build
* fix mintmenu small icons bug
* tweak mintMenu settings
* remove user switcher applet
* add new GNOME tweaks
* update fusion-linx rpm packages
* write release notes
* test
* release 😉
Release is getting really close… so keep an eye on this blog.

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