Do we need a real forum?

Fusion Linux currently has no proper forum, we are using Google Groups as our forum. Biggest limitation is that it has just one “forum board” or “room”, so it is hard to keep different type of conversation themes separate.

We have few choices; first is just to continue using current Google Groups. Please offer your opinion; do you think that Google Groups is good enough or you would prefer a real forum, and explain why.

If we choose to move to some other forum then we need to look at out options. I know that there are some free and paid hosted forums, but the question is how well do they work and how much would it cost to use them. I have been testing sourceforge free forum but that one is acting really unexpected. You can’t edit or create new forum boards, etc… so not sure if I would like to start using that just to abandon it in few weeks time.

Fusion Linux is currently hosted on which gives us ease of use, nobody needs to keep an eye on it because they keep it secure and up and running. Downside is that there are very limited number of WP addons that can be used. From what I have read if we would like to have our own hosted forum we would also have to move to other hosting provider.

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.

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3 Responses to Do we need a real forum?

  1. Paul Dhur says:

    What about a proper forum at LinuxQuestions? What are the prerequisites for being a listed distro there?

  2. kelisa says: > Fedora Support > Fedora Spins & Remixes

  3. David McCann says:

    A sub-forum at Linux Questions would surely be fine: Slackware has no separate forum. The only requirement is “From LQ’s very beginnings it has been a policy that we will only create a sub-forum for a particular distro if that distro maker will participate in it. Beyond that, any additional support is optional.”

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