Fusion Linux 14 (Thorium) reviews and latest comments

Fusion Linux has been mentioned and reviewed by few sites (1, 2, 3, 4) and we got really positive reviews.

If you know any web site that reviews Linux desktop oriented distributions please suggest they also take a look at latest Fusion Linux 14.

Comments are also very inspiring and fun to read, so we would like to share some of latest comments from Fusion Linux blog with you:

“I´m seeding as fast i can!
But, if someone would like to put up this torrent on piratebay or isohunt or demonoid it would be great!”

“Have used LOTS of OTHERS before..including ..”Re-Mixes”..with GREAT satisfaction..but YOURS is simply..”THE BEST”!! How could..anybody(including yourselves)ever top..THIS?? !”INCREDIBLE”!
Everything Just..WORKS!! Permanently Installing for..”KEEPS”..on MY PERSONAL SYSTEM..to “SHOW OFF” to EVERYBODY!! “KEEP IT UP!! Looking Forward to a 64bit version if possible?? **THANKS** (N.G.V) nixter57”

“52nd on Distrowatch now. :(”

Debarshi Ray:
“So what is different from stock Fedora? What is so special about the “Software Highlights”? Are those different from the packages from Fedora’s repositories?”

“Is there an rpm for the mintmenu somewhere on disc?”

“anybody using this crap”

“no screenshots come on…”


  • http://desktoplinuxreviews.com
  • http://www.elblogderigo.info
  • http://linuxbox.web.id
  • http://www.ubuntusoft.com
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    3 Responses to Fusion Linux 14 (Thorium) reviews and latest comments

    1. miraceti says:

      I have been a linux user for many years now. I have tried many distros, some of which I used for quite a while, eg LinuxMint, which worked perfectly right up until an update broke it badly, very badly. I then started looking round and found Fusion14. I thought LM was good but Fusion14 is very much better in many ways, eg 3DGraphics, networking (unlike other distros, F14 finds and connects to my NAS without difficulty automatically, others require a manual connection) Multimedia ( the range and quality of MM software is superb) I am very happy with Fusion14, everything just works ! My compliments to the team, you have produced a wonderful distro.

    2. I LOVE it!!! Any plans for 64-bit versions??? 🙂

    3. Бабай says:

      Please correct the torrent link does not work for me

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