Fusion Linux update breakage

There is a bug in Scribus repository config file that has quite serious consequence – it completely breaks update system 😦

The issue is that Scribus repo is not configured correctly. Scribus 1.4 rc1 was shipped with Fusion 14. There is Scribus 14 rc2 via Scribus repo which requires libpodofo 0.9.0 but we configed Scribus repo by mistake to allow libpodofo only up to 0.8.4 version.

Updated fusion-linux-release package is now available to fix this issue.

To fix this update breakage issue open terminal and then run these commands:

su - (enter your root password)
yum update --skip-broken -y
yum update -y

Sorry for any inconvenience,
Fusion Team.

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2 Responses to Fusion Linux update breakage

  1. Stephen Green says:

    Glad to see a fix available. As I do like Fusion. I’ve used Ubuntu and some
    other remixes, so I appreciate the work it took to produce Fusion. I am an old
    man (retired) now without too much patience and being a distro hopper I find sometimes it is easier to just install a newly released version of ‘whatever’
    than to mess around with the problem solving involved with using the current
    distro. I have several laptops here at home with Windows and different Linux
    OS’s installed at different times. Yes I know, I just can’t make up my mind. Fusion on the other hand, eliminates that issue for me.

  2. kimbo says:

    Sorry Folks bugs on package update will not clear on my system Gx270sff 2gb ram and such. Looks good though. I will revisit later on. Thanks Keep up the good work.

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