Viewnior Image Viewer

Look, I’ll have to be 100 percent honest here. When asked to write about Viewnior image viewing software application, I didn’t even know that Viewnior existed.
I have been using generic Linux distributions for so many years (eg. Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE), that I really had not even thought about what image viewer Fusion Linux used by default. So basically, I had not even realized it was there and being used by default.

Now to the application itself. At first launch you can’t help but notice its instant startup. And the fact that it’s much more lightweight on resources than Eye of Gnome (eog), the default image viewer for the GNOME desktop environment. And it’s probably lighter than any other image viewer that I have ever used on Linux.

But with the lightweight resource usage comes a lightly packaged image viewer. But keeping in mind that is exactly the intention of Viewnior’s developers—image viewing. Sure, it has a basic resize and crop option, but it’s not an image editing application as such and does not claim to be.
If you’re after an image editing application, you’ll be forced to look elsewhere. ie. The GIMP.

Viewnior does pull out a few surprise features such as support for animation such as GIF file format. There’s also a slideshow feature, wallpaper set function and the usual rotate, flip, crop and save features that seems to be standard to all image viewing applications these days. And according to the official website, the developers have EXIF data viewing in the works, a necessary feature for professional photographers and image editors.
Viewnior is built for GTK, written in C and is fully GNOME 3 ready.
In a nutshell, Viewnior is simple, fast and efficient at what it does.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen many other alternative image viewers to that of eog and for the GTK/GNOME desktop environment, but for some reason none of them have been a real viable alternative. Perhaps Viewnior is the sweet spot that finally fills the void that we’ve had for so long.

Personally, I’m a command line user on all my system which means for myself, I use feh for all image viewing. Of course Viewnior can also be launched via your terminal like any other application. But if the graphical interface is what floats your boat, then I’m sure you’ll be happy with Viewnior.

Note: Viewnior is the default image viewer in Fusion Linux, but if you wish to install Viewnior on a vanilla Fedora instance or any other RPM based Linux distribution, you can download the RPM (and also DEB) packages from the official website here


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3 Responses to Viewnior Image Viewer

  1. Nux says:

    Ffs, I wish people stopped using shortening url services when not needed. How the frack hard is it to write down the homepage of that application or just make a simple href HTML tag? When I hoover that bloody link I want to see where it sends me to; for all I know it could be some kiddie porn site.
    Keep it simple!

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  3. foxmulder881 says:

    Nux, I’m very sorry that you feel that way about url shortening services. But you have to understand that we use them for their convenience and to keep things consistent throughout the site.
    I can assure you that you’ll find no such aforementioned links on Fusion Linux website that will compromise your system security in any way. You’re safe here!

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