Fusion Linux 14.1 release candidate

In a few hours Fusion 14.1 release candidate will be ready for testing, now we need testers. Just test Fusion 14.1 and try to find any as many issues and bugs, or just suggest changes to make it better.

Anybody is welcome to join Fusion test team that currently consists of one person, you guessed it – me 😉

Any takers? Please give your email so I can send you Fusion 14.1 release candidate download link.

Thank you in advance.

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5 Responses to Fusion Linux 14.1 release candidate

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  2. finid says:

    You may send it to me. Be glad to test it.


  3. Be happy to test the 14.1, if it’s anywhere near 14 you have another winner.


  4. Alex Taylor says:

    I have been away from Fusion for some time. I have free time for the
    next few months. If you send me a link, I will test everything and
    keep you posted. I have an extra desktop I can install 14.1 and leave
    it installed.
    Alex Taylor

  5. edu says:

    Hei, i like your fusion 14,stable version. i have it on my desktop now. It is someway bloated,but sure,i can uninstall anything i dont wanna. It is kind of fast,3d desktop works flawleslly(have a amd 5000+, 2.6 ghz,4 gb ram,and nvidia 8400).
    I,ve always loved fedora,but, i hate wondering around for drivers,skype repo,codecs,etc.. So i thing it is a good idea to have all out of the box.

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