Beyond GNOME 3.0 – Beauty is (not)only Shell deep

I’m amazed what GNOME team accomplished with GNOME 3.0, this is just an amazingly modern, slick and very usable desktop and at the same time original and not going after OSX or any other desktop. GNOME 3 is far from perfect but for a first release it’s a really solid one.

Only downside so far I found is that GNOME 3.0 makes usage of Compiz impossible and incompatible, so you can wave goodbye to great usabillity and eyecandy from plugins like Cube, Wobbly, Expo, Wall and Zoom Desktop. Hopefully GNOME 3 development team will provide some layer of compatility between mutter and compiz so that compiz plugins could still be used with GNOME 3.

Fusion Linux has mission to go beyond what GNOME desktop provides out of the box. With previous Fusion Linux releases we accomplished our goal by extending GNOME 2 with DocBarX, GNOME Do, mintMenu and Compiz Fusion.
Most of functionality that Fusion Linux accomplished with these additional elements is now integrated into GNOME 3.0. That doesn’t mean that out mission is now done, we just have better starting point on which we base our future desktop enhancements.

I would like to ask everyone of you, to join our project. It does’t matter what is your role in FLOSS community, if you like GNOME and would like to customize it and show what GNOME 3 desktop can do when it is fully tweaked, customized and extended, then Fusion Linux project is the right place for you.

If you are looking to change some core feature of GNOME 3 then this is the wrong project for you and you should join GNOME devel mailing list, talk to developers and send your suggestions and patches to them.

GNOME project makes excellent mainstream desktop, our mission is to take that and take it futher by providing some additional enhancements and functionality wanted by Linux desktop enthusiasts. We don’t care if changes we make don’t make sense for everybody, but if they make sense for enthusiastic Linux desktop users we will include them.

So if you have suggestions how to tweak and enhance GNOME 3, suggest best GNOME 3 themes, extenstions, wallpapers, fonts and apps then Fusion Linux is the right project for you. We even hope that some of the changes, if they prove good enough, will inspire GNOME developers to integrate them into stock GNOME 3.

So as stock GNOME desktop provides great usability and functionality out of the box with sane default settings you can look at Fusion Linux desktop as “pimp my ride” version of GNOME 3 that takes what GNOME team has made and pushes it a bit further. Our intention is not to be different just for difference sake, but to go a bit further than the mainstream GNOME project did because of some constraints and wider audience.

We welcome you all, so come and join our forum and mailing list.

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3 Responses to Beyond GNOME 3.0 – Beauty is (not)only Shell deep

  1. Matěj Cepl says:

    Zoom … done natively by Gnome-shell (see Accessibility menu)
    Expo … that’s just what happens when you press [Win] key, isn’t it?
    sure Cube and Wobbly windows aren’t there. And I don’t care.

  2. What’s happening to Fusion Linux? Won’t it get new releases? You can use the old Gnome2 like desktop in Gnome3 Fallback mode. Compiz also can be used. –

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