Fusion Linux – most popular Fedora Remix

It looks like we are doing something right because we are most popular Fedora Remix. Just click on Smolt Stats and then on OS tab to see for yourself.

Of course we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for great Fedora community, thank you all. Fedora has an amazing community and amazing tools that make the job of creating Fedora Remix quite easy.

Fusion Team is quite small (only three of us) and we have nobody doing marketing so please help us spread the word about Fusion Linux. Recommend us to your favorite online Linux magazine or blog, suggest Linux magazines to do a review of Fusion Linux and to include Fusion Linux on their DVD.

Thank you all in advance.

Fusion Team.

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6 Responses to Fusion Linux – most popular Fedora Remix

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  2. Andi Micro says:

    Hi ..

    My name is Andi Micro, i’m from Indonesia.
    I’m very interesting on your project, Fusion Linux, a fedora remix.
    I’m looking for linux distro that already includes complete multimedia
    codecs, multimedia player, supporting many drivers (especially video
    drivers, nvidia and radeon), and the games are exciting.
    Because, with a distro that is easy in use, I can introduce Linux to
    the people of Indonesia.
    I think, fusion linux able to fulfill the above purposes.

    I’d like to help for Fusion Linux, perhaps for testing or translation
    of documents into Indonesian.

    I already made the Indonesia Fusion Linux community website at
    http://linux-id.net (of course , in future i will change its domain to
    be like fusionlinux Indonesia)
    I like to introduce Fusion Linux in Indonesia.


    ~Andi Micro~

  3. I have not been able to install your distro on my wide screen laptop with a cheap Intel
    set up. I hate to use this comment page for this but I couldn’t even get the darn catchya
    or whatever it is, I never get it right and just give up. I’m getting old and I guess don’t have the patient any more..
    Thanks for listening.

    Maybe someone will email me with a solution??

  4. Andi Micro says:

    Indonesia Fusion Linux Website –> http://fusion.linux-id.net

  5. David says:

    Hey, I ve been considering Fedora and this looks like a nice package. How long before a 64 bit spin of Fusion Linux?

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