Tweetdeck like Twitter client for your Fedora 14 desktop

Twitter is badly broken on Fedora 14 either because most twitter clients (like pino, qwit and mitter) don’t work with oauth bazed twitter authorization or crash and cause memory leaks (like gwibber). Chokoq usually works fine but it just has too KDE centric look and feel for my taste. I have heard from lots of Fedora users in our local LUG and on the forums that they are in same boat as I and stopped using Twitter on their Fedora desktop because of that.

Don’t fret, Turpial comes to the rescue. Turpial is twitter client like Tweetdeck for Linux. Turpial is written in Python and aims to be an application with low consumption of resources and integrates into user’s desktop without sacrificing any functionality.

Turpial is awailable via fedora-updates-testing repo so to install it follow these steps:
1. open terminal window
2. become root: su –
3. install turpial: yum install turpial --enablerepo=updates-testing

It is needles to say that Fusion Linux in next release will have Turpial enabled by default.

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If you haven’t heard yet Fusion Linux is most popular Fedora Remix.

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14 Responses to Tweetdeck like Twitter client for your Fedora 14 desktop

  1. Eric Mesa says:

    Actually it works just fine with Choqok and Gwibber on F14

    • valent says:

      Gwibber has some really bad issues with notifications and lots of crashes, I had few of my friends two ditched gwibber after few days of testing. Choqok has IMHO too strong KDE3 look for my taste, but YMMV.

  2. Dan says:

    Lightweight but limited functionality after you have been on TweetDeck. I love the column support in TweetDeck and since it runs just fine on Fedora I will stick with it.

  3. Steve says:

    I use Choqok and I’m a confirmed GNOME user. Factually wrong, hyperbolic statements like “Twitter is badly broken” are just going to alienate your potential user base.

    • valent says:

      As will factual and boring ones πŸ˜‰ lighten up a bit dude.

      • Kevin Kofler says:

        Claiming that ALL available Twitter clients in Fedora 14 don’t support oauth is just a blatant LIE when Choqok definitely DOES support it.

        Please stop misleading our users!

      • valent says:

        Ok, as my primary desktop is GNOME I should made my point more clearly. I don’t use choqok because is it KDE app and because it has just terrible UI, but you are right, technically it works so I apologize if that made you angry.

  4. distrib says:

    “As will factual and boring ones πŸ˜‰ lighten up a bit dude.”

    So, you are being deliberately incorrect to attract attention? This is called trolling and you are spamming your links all over the place. stop it.

    • valent says:

      Nope, I really think that twitter is total fail on fedora 14 IMHO, otherwise I wouldn’t waste my energy writing this article. This article is intended to help others (who are many) with same issue. Please stop flame baiting through comments on this blog or you will be banned from commenting. Thank you.

  5. distrib says:

    You are not helping anyone by misleading them as many people have already pointed out including Steve and Kevin. This is a blatant attempt to direct more people to your blog and remix. Edit your article and remove the misleading and untrue claims that no twitter app works in Fedora 14.

    • valent says:

      There, I fixed it.

      • Steve says:

        No you didn’t, twitter is not “badly broken”. You may feel you have produced a better twitter client – if you have well done for your support. But FUD like the “broken” statement does not help at all.

  6. valent says:

    Steve you are confused. Please look at this whole domain again and our blog (not only last blog post).

  7. mdastylish says:

    I encourage authors to put the name of the software they’re advocating in their article titles, rather than just the name of similar software. Instead of just saying “Tweetdeck-like client”, you could say “Turpial, a Tweetdeck-like client,”. If you like Turpial, give it centre stage, please πŸ™‚

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