Fusion Linux donation drive

Hi everyone. As you probably know Fusion Linux 14.1 has been released. All releases so far have been released from my personal laptop. As I can’t share my laptop with others we would like to buy second-hand server and have it used for Fusion Linux project. Other costs include our domain and wordpress.com hosting. We need your help in order for Fusion Linux to continue with new releases and to improve.
So if you can please donate via Paypal or Flattr.
Thank you.

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2 Responses to Fusion Linux donation drive

  1. Check out ChunkHost (http://chunkhost.com/r/BetaVPS) as they have a Beta VPS that’s 20GB storage, 600GB Bandwidth, about 8.8Ghz CPU and 512MB RAM, and for the first 5-6 weeks it’s totally free. After that it’s only like $20USD, but most of the time they give discounts for being a Beta user first. Also, if you get more “chunks” (VPS accounts), they add more discounts. I pay about $24 for two chunks. I cluster them both for load balancing, etc, but so far they’re the best VPS service I’ve ever found.

    Sorry I can’t do anything more than make a suggestion, but I’d love to help out the Fusion Linux project and just don’t have the spare cash to do so.

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