Pre-release Fedora Remixing with RPM Fusion

Most Fedora Remixes use RPM Fusion repo for additional packages not found in Fedora repos.

For last few releases Fedora branches off development Rawhide branch from current in-development release few weeks before release. For few week you could build your own Fedora Remix using F16 repos even if F16 is not yet released.

RPM Fusion repo doesn’t follow this development path so there is no accompanying F16 RPM Fusion repo, there are only F15 and rawhide. RPM Fusion repo usually is available few weeks after Fedora release.

For us who make Fedora Remixes and use RPM Fusion this makes life a bit harder, because we also need time to test development releases before releasing them.

I found one clever way to produce Fedora Remix iso files that will work both now and after RPM Fusion makes F16 branch available.

This needs to be done in two places, first you need to edit sources in kickstart files that are used to produce your Remix. This is the easy part. Just add these sources:

repo --name=rpmfusion-free --baseurl=$basearch/os/

repo --name=rpmfusion-nonfree --baseurl=$basearch/os/

More tricky part is how to start using RPM Fusion F16 repos and stop using Development one when it becomes available. Trick is to edit RPM Fusion .repo files and add Development source AFTER original source line. That way original source will fail and yum will try next source in order.

This is how rpmfusion-free.repo file should look like:

name=RPM Fusion for Fedora $releasever - Free

If you have any suggestions or comments please share them regarding this hack.

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3 Responses to Pre-release Fedora Remixing with RPM Fusion

  1. I think RPMFusion repos for Fedora 16 are already available. Added the repos and now I cam install packages from RPMFusion. But it was not possible some days ago.

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