Fusion Linux 16 64bit beta is out!

This is first beta release of Fusion 16, and it is 64bit version only for now. This first 64bit Fusion Linux version and if there are enough people wanting this it will become a standard release.

Please test drive it and report any feedback you have, we welcome both positive and negative feedback as long as it is constructive.



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20 Responses to Fusion Linux 16 64bit beta is out!

  1. DownTwist says:

    I’m running Fedora 14 64bit and I’d like to upgrade to Fusion Linux 16 64bit.
    It’s just that i wonder if i can use something like Fedora’s preupgrade to do it?

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  3. vincezd says:

    Hi Valent,
    I downloaded and tested Fusion16 on an usb stick. I read you had included many gnome3 tweaks. I don’t know gnome3 enough to notice them. Do they change the interface somewhat ? (A) (no, I don’t like gnome3 and would like Fusion as different as possible !)

    (B) Are you planning to integrate MATE as gnome2 alternative ? (yep, like LinuxMint)

    (C) I liked the idea to have another environnement pre-installed, like xfce, but it seems like it isn”t the case any more, right ?

    (D) Some stuff make me confused (and I consider myself as a linux power user), like having blender installed … wtf ? the few people who use it will install it, the other normal people can’t do nothing seeing this interface, i think it’s useless and make people confuse about Fusion.
    Having konqueror too. The interface doesn’t integrate well in gnome and it gets on our way. (that a was a bad point to Fusion14, with various calculators, various archive managers, … that’s a big difference with LinuxMint, on my opinion)

    (E) Requests/ideas :
    – ship liferea !! it would be the only rss feeds reader in Fusion
    – ship basket
    – put tutorial videos back
    – put red hat’s “truth happens” great video back BUT one of GOOD quality and that totem can read (!)
    – put scroogle-ssl as a search engine to firefox
    – put duckduckgo too (but keept google as default, for non english speaking countries)
    – for scanning : xsane and/or gnome-scna and/or iscan (even better but not in repos)
    – ekiga as a skype alternative
    – minitube (though it never worked well with me)

    (F)I created a Fusion16 torrent (my first one), and as it’s really easy I imagine you don’t want to provide one yet. Why that ?

    (G) I’d be glad to translate some stuff to french.

    That wa my 2 pence 🙂
    Cheers !

    ps : I already typed all that on the google group but I lost everything on posting despite the “ok, your message has been posted” message

    ps 2 : I can’t connect to the ideatorrent with my google account (apparently because of cookies => pain in the ass)

  4. V Narayanan says:

    I was to try Fusion 16 Beta Release. The file size is about 1.5 GB.
    After downloading 1.2 GB – the download is getting hanged.
    It is not downloading – I tried with GGet and KGet – but same thing is happening.


  5. Aren says:

    64bit is the way to go. Considering the commonality of 64bit CPUs in laptops, it’s fine to stick with.

    Will test very soon.

  6. Dude says:

    Downloaded the 64 bit version. It works just fine on my Dell Vostro 1014 laptop. Wifi works with no problem. I prefer a 64 bit OS because my laptop has 6gb of RAM. I also would like to see an XFCE alternative desktop, like VinceD mentioned.

  7. V Narayanan says:

    I have downloaded and installed the same on my Dell Inspiron N5050.
    The first problem I faced was wireless, through ndiswrapper I got the wireless working. The next problem I faced was frequent crash messages and slowing down of the system.

    Fedora 16 is comparably faster and robust than Fusion. In Fuduntu, the problem was it does not fit for my Dell but Old IBM Laptop. I found that Fuduntu is comparably faster, but not having enough default applications like Fusion.

    The third problem I faced was Samba is not working well – Fedora was having easy samba access unlike Fusion.

    Therefore, I have moved out of Fusion Linux to Linux Mint.
    V. Narayanan

    • visitor says:

      my opinion is that it wouldn’t be a very smart move, for I’ve been using LinuxMint for 6 months, it was pretty comfortable but I didn’t find it very stable and it really slowed down in 6 months time. And it may be worse because of gnome3 & MATE.
      LinuxMint Debian Edition may be different.

  8. V Narayanan says:

    I am using Linux Mint 12 for the past one month, I do not find any issues.
    However, I feel that the performance which was available in Live Boot or in Persistent Mode is not available on physical installation, but it is better than the Ubuntu.

    I am now in my Laptop have Ubuntu 11.10, Linux Mint 12 & Windows 7 Professional. All are working well.

    I have tried Fedora 15 & 16, Fuduntu & Fusion Linux 16 Beta. The problem is with respect to wireless, frequent crash messages and system going in a slow manner as the day progresses. I am happy with Fedora 16 compared to its remixes.

    I have also tried Centos and Open Suse – I am not happy with their performance.

    I have tried Sabayon 6 Gnome – I am unable to update and install further applications and downloaded Sabayon 7 Gnome but it was not working on my Dell.

    I have tried BOSS V4, the graphic card requirement is not satisfied by my Dell. I have also tried Back Track Linux Gnome V5 – A superb OS but it is not for me.

    Thus after trying 20+ OS I have come to this conclusion that Linux Mint 12 is comparably a better OS for a newbie like me.

    I like Fedora & Sabayon – but is not fitting my Laptop, as some hardware issues are coming.

    V. Narayanan

  9. jeff says:

    will not download past 350MB

  10. tangram says:

    I like the idea to have another desktop environment available: KDE. It should be wonderful to have a Gnome 3 version and an alternative KDE version (or an installation DVD with both the d.e. manually selectable).

  11. I really love the latest Fusion Linux Beta 16, and have been running it on my main personal Dell Studio XPS 1640 laptop since it came out. Although I’ve had some issue with some packages and libraries, this is to be expected this being a beta release, especially using the 3.x.x Linux kernel! All of my hardware works flawlessly, including the Intel AGN wifi internal adapter I upgraded to when I ordered the laptop, knowing I would be running Linux on it to be sure it would work without any issues.

    I can’t wait for the final release of Fusion Linux 16!!!

  12. sagarunn says:

    Could you please post the kickstart files?

  13. could you please make Fusion 16 available as atorrent download

    • valent says:

      It will be available soon as both torrent and direct download.

      • Faiz says:

        dude, February 12, 2012 at 18:07 to July 26 2.15 is a long time just to release a torrent!! come on man, consider people with low bandwidth and/or unstabloe net connection. Create a torrent!!

      • V. Narayanan says:

        The issue is it is slower than Fedora and is not as stable as Fedora is.
        Could you just work on those issues…

        Further, you may also look into Pin-Guy OS and include many such applications needed for an average user.

        This is directly comparable with Linux Mint & Kororaa Linux.
        I feel Kororaa Linux is better stable and does the same job like Fusion Linux in a much better way
        Therefore, you have to focus on value additions like Pin-Guy OS did when there is a similar OS called Linux Mint and have reached No.2 position with-in few months of its release

        Best of Luck for your efforts

      • valent says:

        Thanks, I’ll look into it.

  14. Eddie G. O'Connor Jr. says:

    A few things, (and bear in mind I’m a “Noobie” to the entire world of Linux, at least by most of you guys’ standards!) First I have tried almost ALL distros on my laptops and desktops (Dektops: Dell Optiplex from the 90’s, and Dimension 4600 both maxed out on memory @ 1G each! and an HP ProBook 4525-S maxed out with memory with 2G’s and an old Gateway laptop T-Series with 1G memory. and I’ve used everything on them (and the list is exhaustive! Starting with:
    Vector – Sabayon – CEntOS – Pear – Pardus – Porteus – Bodhi – Black Panther – Mandriva -nOpenSuSe – Dream – E-Live – Linux Mint – Anti-X – Saline – Chakra – Trisquel – Ubuntu – Fedora – and finally Fusion! Whew! Now out of all of these, the only two OS’es I’ve kpt and have installed and used as permanent fixtures on my dektops and laptops are Ubuntu…Fedora…and Fusion and in my honest opinion Fusion blows the other two away! It’s like Fedora on STERIOIDS! I don’t mind the desktop environment at all…(whatever its called Gnome 2?…..3?…..) ANYTHING’S better than Windows’ crappy interface! I don’t know what this “MATE” is everyone’s talking about but I’m hoping and praying they don’t change it! I’ve gotten so used to everything! My only question is…..DO they intend om changing the desktop from what it is to something else? And how would I upgrade without having to actually get a disc? any info would be helpful….


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