How to add autostart apps to your Fedora Remix

If you want to add autostart apps to your Fedora remix there is one quick and easy way to do it.

Open your kickstart file and find section that starts with “%post”. Any command that you issue in %post section run with root privileges in build environment before iso image is created.

Any application that you add to ~/.config/autostart folder start up in GNOME 3 when user logs on. To make this system wide you need to put your application shortcuts in /etc/skel/.config/autostart directory

so here is one example how your kickstart could look like:

# add synapse to autostart directory
mkdir -p /etc/skel/.config/autostart
cp /usr/share/applications/synapse.desktop /etc/skel/.config/autostart/

Now you can add any app that you want to start every time users log on.

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6 Responses to How to add autostart apps to your Fedora Remix

  1. Thanks for the post. One small note however: %post section of kickstart is mostly usable when creating Live medias, since it cannot be run when an installation media is being created. A more portable approach is to put the file inside /etc/skel/ in an rpm package and add it to the packages which are installed by default.

  2. Jimmy Dorff says:

    Humm.. this would only work for some cases. Users who bring their own home directory for example, are unaffected be “/etc/skel” correct ? That only works for new locally created home dirs.

  3. Wouldn’t running gnome-session-properties be the easiest?

  4. Ikem says:

    I’ve made a symbolic link from “$HOME/.config/autostart” to “$HOME/Autostart”.

    That way I just need to drop a desktop file in it, and it will be autostarted the next time.

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