Fusion Linux 16 sneak peak ;)

Fusion Linux 16 sneak preview

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33 Responses to Fusion Linux 16 sneak peak ;)

  1. someone says:

    gnome-terminal solarized by DEFAULT?!?!?!?!?!

  2. killerface says:

    wow, looks really beautiful

  3. ProT-0-TypE says:


  4. Ariel says:

    I believe this is the right way. It looks good and I’m sure it will work great.

  5. spider2097 says:

    Is that Gnome 3 + Cinnamon for the desktop? That looks pretty smooth 🙂 Should definitely appeal to those who prefer the *ahem* “old” Gnome 2 style desktop (I happen to be one of those 😉 )

  6. taljurf says:

    Proud to be one of the very early supporters for this awesome distro, remember 🙂

  7. inoculos says:

    There is a problem with the way gdm handles the simple greeter in Gnome3. There was a way to turn off the user list with Gnome2 and earlier, but with Gnome3 the command doesnt work. The process to make it go away is quit painful if doing installs on multiple machines….Is this something you will address or is that up to the gnome3 guys? Thank you for this release in advance! looking forward to it.

  8. Daniel says:

    Nice job Valent! I’m really lookin forward to having this as my OS. I to prefer this way over gnome 3’s shell. When is this expected to come out? Also will third-party Vidia/Ati drivers be included? I’m new to fusion Linux. Thank you and can’t wait!

  9. shieno says:

    where i can download the Fussion Linux with 32bit version?

  10. as005 says:

    When is it going to release?

    Have been doing distro hopping for sometime now, This might be the answer.

  11. Stéphane says:

    I’m already using Cinnamon with the current Fedora 16, so I’m glad Fusion will have it by default.
    I also recommend the following background which suit very well the default cinnamon theme :

    Maybe you should ask the author for the licence right to distribute it.

    • valent says:

      Hi Stephane, I’m currently really busy but I would love to have more wallpapers, and this is where I would like you to help me and this project. I give you permission to ask permissions from authors to have their art be part of Fusion Linux.

  12. Blue says:

    Excellent! I can’t wait to install this in my machine.

    Hi can distro have Opera installed on it?

  13. Vinz says:

    Hey Valent and all,
    I read the google mailing list posts and just want to encourage you with the work !
    I’ll help packaging when I can do it too !

  14. Vinz says:

    Woops, is my english bad ? I mean, I don’t know how to do it (yet?). But ok, I’ll have a look at the todolist …

  15. Hotchili says:

    It will be with Cinnamon 1.4, I presume. Can you give an approximate date for release (of course, when it will be ready) ?

    • valent says:

      Always latest one from cinnamon repos

      • Hotchili says:

        I don’t wanna push you, but there is a chance to see soon Fusion 16? Or, maybe, you intend to jump directly to Fusion Linux 17, after the release of the final version of Fedora 17?

  16. valent says:

    Working on Fedora 17 version right now…

    • Hotchili says:

      That’s good. But, still, which is the future of Fusion? I prefer it, as a serious improvement of Fedora.

      • Hotchili says:

        Well, my question is so dull ? I don’t know why, but it looks like you avoid a straight answer regarding Fusion Linux. Long time no post, It seems people loose interest if nothing happens.

      • valent says:

        You can join out Fusion team and make it even better. Check out our google group, link is here – https://groups.google.com/group/fusionlinux

        And check github it you are interested what is happening with the code.


      • valent says:

        Join out google group and say hello in there, you can track what is happening from our mailing list.

  17. Hotchili says:

    HI !
    I wish to help, but (unfortunately) I’m not so good in programming. I am a average user and Fusion Linux caught my attention (I liked ver. 14.1) . In february, 26 you said, quote “Wait for just a little bit, it will be released soon”. I understand that things did not go as expected and that’s why I asked you if there is any plan regarding future releases.

  18. Eddie G. O'Connor Jr. says:

    Uhhmm……I hope that there wll be a way to still use the PREVIOUS desktop?….the one that has the little wintows on the right side, and the ability to set programs that you use often on the left?….if not…I may have to go back to Ubuntu….I actually find that version easier to do the things I do when I’m working & have to switch between windows desktops etc……please tell whomever’s working on this that there’s still some people who like the way Fusion looks now!

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