Fusion Linux 17 (in a script)

If you can’t wait and you just have to get Fusion Linux 17 installed right away now you can.
If you already have Fedora 17 you are already 90% there, just download fusion-creator script and off you go…
All the files are on Github and you can ask for help and detailed instrucitons on Fusion Linux Google Group.

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12 Responses to Fusion Linux 17 (in a script)

  1. Vinz says:

    That’s great ! 🙂
    I will definitely try to hack those scripts … in a few weeks time.
    Thks !

    ps : would you provide a tarball, just like you did for FusionLinux 16 ?

    • valent says:

      Just grab the tarball from github, download links are on the download page. But best way to hack is to fork from master branch in git and then push the changes back. If you get stuck just visit out google group.


  2. Callum Hutchinson says:

    Hello there, I’m a Fedora newbie but am fairly confident with it as long as I have some instructions somewhere, how do I go about running this script? I’ve tried saving fusion-creator into gedit both as a .sh and .bash file but neither seem to run…

  3. Hot Chili says:

    But, what about a old fashion ISO?

  4. Kim says:

    This is precisely how a wanted it years ago. I actually used the script some months ago

  5. Stephen Mabena says:

    Am a newbie in the Fedora world. My first was linux 14. I have always disliked Microsoft first for its monopolist tendencies, secondly for its bans or registration requirements and lastly its OS is so prone to viruses.
    For some years I have been searching for an OS that stands out and for me Fusion Linux 14 is that OS. Unfortunately, when I launch the libreOffice Writer half way through my work the laptop just freezes.

    Can someone out there help solve this problem?
    Am on a Sony Vaio running on Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 cpu T7200 @2.00Ghz 1000Mhz; 2b memory, 500gb storage and 1920X1200 pixels.
    I have tried fusion linux 15 but I simply love Fusion 14

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