Fusion Linux Reboot

Fusion Linux is not dead yet 😉
Now we have a Facebook Page through which I’ll promote ideas behind this project and try to get new people onboard.
First and most important task is to assemble a team that is willing to push this project further than I can do in on my own.
If you have some basic Linux knowledge and few extra hours every week then you are welcome to join.

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7 Responses to Fusion Linux Reboot

  1. Chris Smart says:

    Great news. Good luck with it all and I hope you don’t burn out..


  2. Kim says:

    I’d appreciate if Fusion is restarted as a mere rehash script to be run on a Fedora installation. That way Fedora compatibility is transparent and assured.

  3. valent says:

    We provide script for all who wish to do this by just check out older blog posts and our github repository. But most people like a more streamlined experience.

  4. what basic Linux knowledge are needed?

  5. Ariel says:

    Reboot. All right. What’s the next move ?

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