Fusion Linux 14

Fusion Linux 14 “Thorium” release notes

/About Fusion Linux/

Fusion Linux is a Fedora Remix that uses a combination of free and open-source, non-free and non-open-source firmware and software, to bring the user the most advanced experience on the Linux platform.

Fusion Linux includes an outstanding theme, multimedia functionality out of the box and added desktop tweaks for better usability.

And finally, Fusion Linux is 100% compatible with Fedora. 🙂

/About this release/

Guiding principles behind this release were “Beyond Upstream” and “Multimedia Out of the Box”.

Features and highlights are:
* a brand new custom made theme
* Fusion Linux post install welcome wizard script
* Skype removed so Fusion Linux can be freely redistributed
* multimedia support out of the box (Flash, MP3 & DivX playback)
* better hardware compatibility for broadcom wireless cards
* better games selection

We put a lot of work in the brand new custom made theme. It is based on Faenza icons and Alliance GTK theme with the little Fusion touch.

Desktop highlihgts:
* mintMenu
* DockbarX
* Compiz Fusion

mintMenu and DockbarX are two GNOME panel addons that make this Linux distro unique. These are the most obvious features that you will encounter first time you login.

Software highlights:
* Chromium + Firefox 4.0
* Thunderbird 3.0
* OpenOffice 3.3
* K3b – best CD/DVD and Blu-ray burning app
* GIMP 2.7 beta, Scribus 1.4 svn, Inkscape and Blender
* Dropbox – online backup and file sync
* TeamViewer – multiplatform remote desktop app
* F-Spot – image organizer and personal photo management
* Banshee – media player
* HandBrake – DVD ripping application, convert DVD to a video file
* Arista video transcoder – right click on any video file to convert
* PlayOnLinux – easily install numerous Windows games and apps
* Miro – free and open internet TV application
* Ailurus GNOME tweaking app
* GParted – partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions
* FedoraPlus – scripts for customizing
* Gwibber – GNOME Twitter and Identica app
* Redshift – takes care of your eyes if you work late
* Development package and tools

Chromium is the default browser. We think Firefox 4.0 is not quite ready yet, but we wanted to give you the choice.

Desktop tweaks:
* Nautilus browser mode by default
* Clicking via touchpad by default



/Get involved/

Feel free to join this project, we eagerly like to hear your ideas about how Fusion Linux should look and work.

Get in touch with us on our forum:

* http://groups.google.com/group/fusion-linux

We hope you enjoy the release as did making it.

The Linux Fusion Team

22 Responses to Fusion Linux 14

  1. Nixter57 says:

    Have used LOTS of OTHERS before..including ..”Re-Mixes”..with GREAT satisfaction..but YOURS is simply..”THE BEST”!! 🙂 How could..anybody(including yourselves)ever top..THIS?? !”INCREDIBLE”! Everything Just..WORKS!! Permanently Installing for..”KEEPS”..on MY PERSONAL SYSTEM..to “SHOW OFF” to EVERYBODY!! “KEEP IT UP!! Wouldn’t mind a 64bit version if possible

  2. nixter57 says:

    Have used LOTS of OTHERS before..including ..”Re-Mixes”..with GREAT satisfaction..but YOURS is simply..”THE BEST”!! 🙂 How could..anybody(including yourselves)ever top..THIS?? !”INCREDIBLE”! Everything Just..WORKS!! Permanently Installing for..”KEEPS”..on MY PERSONAL SYSTEM..to “SHOW OFF” to EVERYBODY!! “KEEP IT UP!! Looking Forward to a 64bit version if possible?? **THANKS** (N.G.V) nixter57

  3. kelisa says:

    I dont use Gnome so No Comments. I like the old Fussion 13 with Gnome, KDE, XFCE desktop.

  4. masnipalac says:

    Bravo Valent, ja sam inaće na Ubuntu, koji mi se, uzgred rečeno, počel zamerati, prečesto mi pripremi neko neugodno iznenađenje, na našem sajtu (linuxzasve) sam videl za ovaj vaš projekt, odma sam skinul i spržil dvd.
    Sad sam ga podigo live, da vidim o čemu se radi.
    Prvi dojam, fantastično, skoro sve kaj koristim je tu već predinstalirano.
    mislim da ću ju instalirati kao jedini os koji koristim, pa bi htio pitati,
    Koja se komanda koristi umesto sudo apt-get, dali sudo yum?
    Dok odsedam neke torente, odma se bacam na instalaciju ove ljepote 🙂
    Puno pozdrava i želje za uspješnim nastavkom rada,
    Renato alijas “masni palac” s Krapnja.

    • valent says:

      Pozdrav, hvala na pohvalama. Upravo to, samo koristis “yum install” umjesto “apt-get install”. Ako ti nesto nije jasno samo pitaj na nasem forumu.

  5. petr says:

    Fusion Linux 14 is perfect system for me :-),

  6. JR says:

    So far this is excellent, liked the live DVD and am running through the post install options in terminal right now. Love that idea and the options presented there, saves me times for things I would be setting up anyways and may not remember until the first time I need it, like Dropbox.

    I would like to make one suggestion. I don’t see anywhere where it says this is 32-bit only. Unless I missed it somewhere, and I am tired so I wouldn’t be surprised. I usually take the 64-bit option, but am liking this so far and will run with it for a while I think. Nice work guys.

  7. woest says:

    This is the BEST live dvd i’ve ever tried, THANK YOU! I’ve finally found the perfect OS for enjoy films and music!

  8. Blue Light says:

    I love all the apps included. I have a question though: Does this have apps to handle archives like 7z and rar? I hope you include it in next releases. I will be waiting for it. Great job again.

    If you don’t mind, can you tell me how to install an archive manager on this which works with 7z and rar (and other archives)? Please pardon me for the ignorance or the unresourcefulness. I’m just beginning.

  9. Tomás says:

    This is a great release.
    Nice apps. Flash, TV, and good browsers and drivers already included.

    Congratulations to you all.

  10. Ranjandas says:


    Fusion is really great. But, why EOG( Eye of Gnome) is removed. After a fresh installation when we start to browse through our picture collection its a discomfort opening them in fspot viewer. I think the default file association should be set to EOG, and the Viewnior default behavior is also a bit uncomfortable. Expecting EOG replaces Viewnior in the next release.

    Thank you.

  11. Tim says:

    I’ve been looking for the “perfect” replacement for Windows to use as a default install on the new computers I sell for a long time now. Fusion may be it.
    Been testing it for a couple of weeks with users of different computer skill levels. Novices pick up on it right away, and even “expert” users settle into it once they get it through their heads that they aren’t really experts.
    For the most ignorant users that wind up with viruses constantly, this is a great alternative OS. It’s nice to be able to offer a solid solution to their problems.
    For my personal use, I prefer KDE out of the box, but I’m getting used to Gnome. Thanks to the Fusion Team for finally giving me a Fedora that’s usable without me having to waste time installing 3rd party software.

  12. Ravi Khelawon says:

    Hi Valent,
    I have been using Fusion Linux for more than a week now, Problems I got
    -RAlink wifi card was not detected properly and I had to get RPMfusion to get that thing working
    -ATI mobility radeon graphics card – no restricted driver found – Linux mint gets a link to get it working properly
    But greatest concern is that I have a dual boot with Win7 for work and Linux for home. Grub does not show my win7 boot!!!
    Otherwise, its really great stuff and if you could tune the above, Fusion should be par to Linux Mint
    Keep up the great work,

  13. Rune Jensen says:

    Is OpenShot 1.3.1 compatible with Fusion Linux? And can it be installed within the OS from SoftwareCenter or similar?
    I am running Linux Mint now, but this looks quite interesting.

  14. Zoran says:

    i see that there is openshot version 1.2.2 in the Software Centre. Maybe you can install the newest from their website, i see that there is a package for Fedora 13, perhaps it will work in Fusion, cause it’s basically Fedora 14….

  15. Richard Armstrong says:

    hey awesome distro… put my faith back in fedora. appreciate all the hard work that must’ve gone into making Fusion! thanks a million… typing this from Fusion 14 live boot. everything works out of the box. fantastic usability. Bravo!

  16. Andy says:

    The idea of using Mintmenu for the Gnome version is very good. I hope you will keep this solution on the further versions of Fusion. Also, the use of Jocky, for installing proprietary hardware drivers, will be very helpful. A great distribution. Thanks.

  17. Paul Valley says:

    I love this distro i just need to install the broadcom wireless?

  18. Stephen says:

    Been surely looking for a Microsoft replacement. I am definitely sure this is it. Have packed all the MS disks for good. I simply have fallen head over heels for this software. Just awesome to work with.
    Thumbs up guys. Only problem cant seem to have it installed on my PC home so missing out the fan till the next day when I get to the office.
    Am running a 1250 memory and 2.6gigs processor what could be wrong with my PC?

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