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Add Russian Fedora repo to your Fedora 17

Russian Fedora team has made great Fedora repo with some great packages, so if you want to use them just add their repo with these simple commands: sudo yum localinstall sudo yum localinstall

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How to add autostart apps to your Fedora Remix

If you want to add autostart apps to your Fedora remix there is one quick and easy way to do it. Open your kickstart file and find section that starts with “%post”. Any command that you issue in %post section … Continue reading

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Installing and enabling GNOME-Shell 3.2 Extensions

Latest GNOME 3.2 uses new shell extension syntax so “old” GNOME 3.0 extensions don’t work on Fedora 16 or UBUNTU 11.10 using GNOME 3.2 Even when you copy extension to your /home/username/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions folder extensions are disabled by default. To enable … Continue reading

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Pre-release Fedora Remixing with RPM Fusion

Most Fedora Remixes use RPM Fusion repo for additional packages not found in Fedora repos. For last few releases Fedora branches off development Rawhide branch from current in-development release few weeks before release. For few week you could build your … Continue reading

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Install Chromium on Fedora

Chromium browser isn’t available in Fedora repos because of reasons that Tom Callaway raised over two years ago. Most issues are still open. But this is not only a Google #fail, it is also Fedora #fail because every other distro … Continue reading

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New Fusion Linux logo (killing the Hotdog)

The feature I get asked the most is “when will you replace that horrid hotdog logo”, or something like that. Well in doing that I need your help. If you have any basic GIMP and RPM packaging skills you can … Continue reading

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Fusion Linux 14 Beta is out

  Fusion Linux 14 Beta is out and available on Fusion Linux download page so get it while it’s hot 😉   Thanks to Mario and Carl for setting up torrent.   Release info and new features list will be … Continue reading

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