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Fusion Linux project reboot or shutdown?

  Just got reminder in my inbox that in 3 months Fusion Linux domain will expire.   I’m still willing to push Fusion Linux further but without other joining the project it is not likely to go anywhere.   What … Continue reading

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Fusion Linux 17 (in a script)

  If you can’t wait and you just have to get Fusion Linux 17 installed right away now you can. If you already have Fedora 17 you are already 90% there, just download fusion-creator script and off you go…   … Continue reading

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Fusion Linux 16 sneak peak ;)

Fusion Linux 16 sneak preview

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How to add autostart apps to your Fedora Remix

If you want to add autostart apps to your Fedora remix there is one quick and easy way to do it. Open your kickstart file and find section that starts with “%post”. Any command that you issue in %post section … Continue reading

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Resistance to change

Linux is at a turning point in its development. Linus Torvalds has just announced the next major kernel release will be version 3.0. And there’s GNOME 3. And then to throw some more into the mix, Unity with Ubuntu – … Continue reading

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Fusion Linux 14.1 RC ready for download

We have worked hard to produce next release of Fusion Linux. We hope you will enjoy Fusion Linux 14.1. This is a release candidate but out test users have already invested lots of time into testing so for most part … Continue reading

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