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  1. Alex Taylor says:

    This is very nice. I have used Linux for years and looked at Fedora many times. Fedora just didn’t work for me. I have installed Fusion on my main desktop. I intend on keeping it as my every day OS. Thanks for all you have
    done. This is the best fit for me and what I want and need. If I can help in any way, please let me know.

    • valent says:

      Hi Alex, thank you for your kind words, you made my day. Sure you can help, and I really need help to make it for Fedora 14 release. Can you tell me what kind of skills you have? Are you a programmer? Do you have some design skills? Or maybe more social skills? I hope this is a start of a nice cooperation.


      • Alex Taylor says:

        Hi Valent,
        I have been away for a few days. Sorry it took this long to reply. I have not been out of wireless range for years. Actually it was restful. I am not a programmer. I am a retired engineer/designer not IT. I manager a design center with with a dozen or so designers and over a hundred people in IT/MIS. For the most part I can make most Linux distros do what I want them to. I may be able to help out with new member questions. Socially I may be able to contribute. I have done testing with Mozilla and Ubuntu for awhile.

  2. Alan says:

    I’ve seen on Distrowatch that origin is Croatia, so I could say Pozdrav prijatelju! 🙂 Ja sam iz Rijeke. But I will continue in english.

    I’ve been using Linux for the last 7 years, I have Debian on my desktop and openSUSE on my laptop.

    I see that you need help. How many people are in this project? What kind of help do you need?

    I will download and try Fusion. I am an active member of few Linux sites like and I will announce there that Fusion is available for download and testing if you don’t mind? So you could have some input.

    How are things going so far?

    Regards, Alan.

    • valent says:

      Currently only one, me, so any help is greatly appreciated. Any skills you have will be helpful, if you know some basic GIMP image manipulation, writing bash scripts, general linux knowledge, GNOME customization, writing documentation, writing announcements, writing release info (describing main features).

      I would also ask all of you to join real forum I have setup via google group here:

      I’ll have to close this page as it is only a wordpress page not a real forum so there are lots of features missing that real forum has.

  3. Jeroen says:

    Mixing is good. It makes the Linux scene dynamic. It also stimulates the Darwinism character of Linux.

    Good work !

  4. Louis says:

    I’m running FL 14 beta in VirtualBox as I type. It looks promising. I do have a question though. If I need general help should I be looking at the Fedora forum?

    • valent says:

      Yup, for general Fedora support you will get much better help on fedora forums because there are more people there. If you have some specific question regarding Fusion Linux ask here.

  5. Awesome Moose says:

    This looks like a great project. I love fedora, but am using ubuntu instead because I could not get mp3 working in fedora. From the looks of things, Fusion has that sort of thing working fine. I would also be happy to help, although I am not an artist nor a coder. If there is anything else I could do, just say so.

  6. linus72 says:

    I did a review today on Linux Critic of the -beta 14 Fusion and it’s very nice, easy to use, great look, and nice installer. There were no glaring errors but the GPG issue with the Fedora repo’s wouldn’t allow me to install any Fedora apps, and hopefully was a onetime or isolated event?
    It’s great so far though; but to compete with Ubuntu (and other new distro’s) it needs all the social-network gadgetry too.
    Maybe something like UbuntuOne for fedora or does something like that already exist?

    • valent says:

      Thank you for your review, this is still not prime time ready version but soon after Fedora 14 ships Fusion Linux final release will also be done.

      Jup, there is an issue with Fedora repo, I’ll fix that before final release is done. Thank you for reporting this issue.

      UbuntuOne is copying Dropbox, Fusion Linux will have Dropbox in final version pre-installed.

  7. Skells says:

    Very impressive so far! I am a big Fedora fan as I like the back end much more than Debian based distros but out-of-the-box is it not as nice of a desktop as Ubuntu types. It’s great to see such great features and ease of use already wrapped in. Keep up the great work!

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