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Installing and enabling GNOME-Shell 3.2 Extensions

Latest GNOME 3.2 uses new shell extension syntax so “old” GNOME 3.0 extensions don’t work on Fedora 16 or UBUNTU 11.10 using GNOME 3.2 Even when you copy extension to your /home/username/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions folder extensions are disabled by default. To enable … Continue reading

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Beyond GNOME 3.0 – Beauty is (not)only Shell deep

I’m amazed what GNOME team accomplished with GNOME 3.0, this is just an amazingly modern, slick and very usable desktop and at the same time original and not going after OSX or any other desktop. GNOME 3 is far from … Continue reading

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Fusion Theme v2

There has been a lots and lots of work has been done on artwork since last post. I managed to convert Faenza icons from brown to blue colour using Inkscape, GIMP and bash scripting. Alliance theme author Jean-Luc Tremelet helped … Continue reading

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How do you make your Fedora desktop shine?

  What is first tweak that you do to make Fedora nicer looking after a fresh install?   Fedora is best looking Linux distro out of the box but even that can’t please everybody, each of us has his own … Continue reading

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Fusion Linux theme v1

  This is first version of Fusion Linux theme, any comments are welcome, and constructive criticism also.   Murrine is used as GTK engine, Alliance theme and Faenza icons. I really like how Feanza icons have uniform look in status … Continue reading

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